Condensation is created when warm moist air meets a cold surface such as a wall or window. This may create damp patches on window sills and mould which can damage clothing, decoration and curtains.

It is often mistaken for penetrating damp, but by taking precautions condensation can be reduced. Mould can be treated by washing the area affected regularly with diluted bleach. Keep rooms well ventilated – opening windows even briefly helps stop condensation.

  • Do not dry clothing on radiators
  • Do not use paraffin or bottled gas heaters
  • Open windows in the kitchen and bathroom when cooking or bathing to help with ventilation, but keep the doors shut
  • When cooking keep lids on pans
  • Tumble dryers need to be vented to the outside

For further information on controlling condensation and mould please see here: Condensation Information Leaflet

For further infomation visit the Energy Savings Trust website.