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Moving On – Housing

Details on how you go about ending your tenancy and transferring to another property, exchanging properties and moving to a different part of the country.

Incentives For Under-Occupiers Moving

We recognise that housing needs change and that can mean that properties can become too big. For example – children grow up and leave home which can result in a smaller family occupying a three-bedroom home.

As we have such a demand for family size properties we do offer Incentives for tenants to move to smaller properties. For further information and a leaflet explaining how this cash incentive scheme works contact the Housing Department.

Retirement Living

Have you ever considered Housing designed especially for people over 55 / 60 years of age?

Age Restricted Properties

In addition to retirement living the Council has a number of age restricted properties designated for people aged either 55+ or 60+ years. These are spread across four sites and consist of:

  • 20 one and two bedroom flats at Helen Court, Hailsham built in 2016 – for people aged 60+ years.
  • 12 one bedroom bungalows at New Barn Close in Hailsham – for people aged 60+ years.
  • 23 units at St Peters Mead in Rotherfield consisting of flats, bungalows and houses – for people aged 55+ years.
  • 14 one and two bedrooms flats at Molesey Court, Uckfield – for people aged 55+ years.

All of these properties benefit from a Lifeline service.

Housing Associations also offer properties specifically for older people. In addition to retirement living and age-restricted properties there is extra care provided by East Sussex County Council (for more information on extra care and the local provision). Extra Care is only available to those whom have been assessed by Adult Social Care as having an eligible care and support need. Find out more about applying for an assessment.

Where can I get housing advice from?

The Council provides a housing advice service. The Housing Options team are able advise on a wide range of housing issues including the private rented sector.

Buying a home

There are a range of Government schemes to help people get on the property ladder. To find information on what is currently available visit: Own Your Home. In addition housing associations build some new homes for shared ownership if you cannot afford to by outright, this is where you buy a share sometimes as little as 25% and pay rent on the remaining share of the property. Here you can find out what is currently being developed in the district.

Different Types of Tenancy Explained

If you are moving you need to be aware that Housing Associations, The Council & Private Landlords all offer a range of different tenancy types.