Customer Service Standards

Our generic customer service standards are described within the Housing Charter. In addition, some service areas have specific service standards, which are detailed below. Where a service standard does not currently exist, it is under development.

The Housing Charter (pdf, 702 kb)

See our housing charter which sets out the standards you can expect from the Housing Services  Landlord Services.

Anti-social Behaviour Standard (pdf, 42kb)

Provides information to tenants, residents and any other interested party on the main points of our anti-social behaviour policy and procedure.

This standard for our Repairs Service was agreed by tenants for tenants.

Grounds Maintenance Standard (pdf, 37kb)

The standard for the service that is provided to most Council estates including: grass cutting, hedge cutting, weed killing, woodland, minor tree maintenance (though not surgery) and maintenance of beds and borders.

Housing Customer Care Standard (New Tenant Standard (pdf, 24kb)

The tenancy agreement between the Council and the tenant, gives the tenant certain rights and responsibilities.

Strategic Housing Services

Private Sector Renewal Standard* (pdf, 31kb)

The Private Housing Service Standards for financial assistance and for the enforcement of housing standards.

Housing Options, Housing Advice and Letting (pdf, 28kb)

The standard for Housing Options, Housing Advice & Lettings, including homelessness.

Temporary Accommodation Service Standard (pdf, 26kb)

The standard for Temporary Accommodation.