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Applying for Social Housing to Rent

The Council manage just over 3,000 homes. However, because the demand for homes is greater than the supply, we run a Housing Register. If you are eligible, you can apply to be put on the waiting list.

It takes around four weeks to register a new application for housing.

How to Apply

To join our Housing Register, you must meet our eligibility criteria.

Who can join the Housing Register – Eligibility

Most applicants will be eligible to join the register, but there are some exceptions.  The following will not qualify to join the register:-

  • Home owners or owners of land or other property with sufficient equity to be able to secure suitable alternative accommodation
  • Applicants living outside of the UK
  • Applicants, including transfer applicants, whose housing cost, such as rent or mortgage repayments is less than 32% of the total household income
  • Applicants, including transfer applicants, with savings or assets greater than 7.5% of the lower quartile of a house located in the Wealden area. This figure is currently £21,382 and will be reviewed yearly as property values vary with time due to market forces.
  • Applicants for Retirement Living Court accommodation, including transfer applicants, with savings or assets in excess of £50,000
  • Applicants with no local connection to the Wealden District
  • Applicants whose behaviour means we think they would not be able to satisfactorily manage a tenancy, for example, those with rent arrears or a history of anti-social behaviour.

Section 3 of our Allocations Policy   includes further details of people who will not be eligible.

How to apply to join the housing register

To apply to join the Council’s housing register, you will need to complete an application online at Sussex Homemove .

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can use the internet free of charge at the Council offices or most libraries.

If you apply, but you do not qualify, you will receive a letter explaining the reason and have the right to request a review of the decision.

Once you have submitted your online application, you will need to provide supporting information for us to process your application. Once we receive all the supporting information we asked for, it will take around four weeks to register your application.

Changes to your situation

Once you have applied for housing you are legally required to tell us about any changes in your situation as these can affect your housing application.  You can let us know about these, or discuss your situation by emailing:  housingallocations@wealden.gov.uk or by calling 01323 443322. 

Access to your information

You can request information about how your application is being treated and whether you are receiving reasonable preference.  You can ask for information that may help you assess if and when suitable accommodation may be available.  You can also ask to see personal information from your case file.

Allocation of Homes – Priority Banding and Bedroom Categories

Once you have been assessed, you will be put into a priority banding (section 6) and bedroom category  (section 5) according to our Allocations Policy.

This attachment provides guidance on requesting a review of your bedroom entitlement or banding

Bidding for Homes

Once you are on the housing register and have been allocated a priority banding and bedroom category you can bid for homes through Sussex Homemove .

For more information on the properties available in Wealden and what vacancies arise:

A Local Lettings Plan is an agreement between Wealden District Council Housing Allocations team and a housing provider. It sets out how properties will be allocated in exceptional circumstances to meet area specific issues. They are used for a number of reasons including to create mixed, balance and sustainable communities. All properties advertised that are subject to a local lettings plan will explain the criteria eligible applicants must meet. Details of current local lettings plans can be found here:

New Build Affordable Homes

Find out about new homes being developed in Wealden.