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Emergency Plans

Wealden District Council Resilience & Emergency Plan

The Councils Resilience and Emergency Plan provides a clear framework for the response to general major emergencies. It also includes supplementary plans relating to specific risks requiring some additions or variations to the generic Plan.

Guidance for Elected Members on the Management of an Emergency

The purpose of this document is to provide elected members with a brief summary of how emergencies (major incidents) are managed and to give some guidance as to how they can assist.

What can communities do to help be prepared?

Wealden recognises the vital role of local community volunteers and we all should be grateful to the extensive network of Parish Emergency Volunteers that are available to support the Emergency Responders (including Local Authorities) in the event of an Emergency.

Developing A Community Emergency Plan

To assist parishes and towns to develop their own emergency plans, the Sussex Resilience Forum has recently produced a template for a Community Resilience Plan. You will also find a booklet about preparing a plan.  On the same page there is a template for individual families to prepare their own emergency plan of essential information.

This new community template is an update of the previously published document which has been used by some towns and parishes for many years.  This does not mean that the existing plans have to conform to the revised format.  However, it might be useful to compare with  new template to see if any revisions would be useful.

The previous strategy document for community emergency planning produced in 2003 is still availability Town and Parish Emergency Groups Guide, also produced in 2003.

The overall aim of community-based emergency planning is to minimise the effect of any disaster (major incident) on the local community and environment by helping that community to play their part in any emergency response.

Flood Plans for Uckfield and the Pevensey Bay area

Local authorities, the emergency services, health authorities and Environment Agency work together as part of the Sussex Resilience Forum (SRF) in preparing plans to ensure there is an efficient, coordinated respond to major emergencies.  As part of this process six specific Flood Plans have been prepared for towns in East Sussex where flooding could affect large numbers of properties.

These plans set out the roles of the organisations in supporting local communities if there were a threat of very serious flooding.  In the worst case, this could involve evacuation of properties and setting up rest centres as temporary accommodation for evacuees.

Animal Diseases (eg. Foot and Mouth or Blue Tongue)

The latest information regarding notifiable animal diseases can be viewed on the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). DEFRA – Policy and Regulation  Further information on how animal diseases might affect you and your health is available in health matters on Wealdens’ website.