Taxi Vehicle Licences

There are two different types of “taxi”, Hackney Carriage or Private Hire.

The primary difference between the two is that Hackney Carriages “ply for hire” and use taxi ranks, whilst Private Hire Vehicles, which can only be booked in advance, may not.

Please refer to the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Handbook (Taxi Handbook) (pdf) for full vehicle licensing details. Please speak to a licensing officer before purchasing a vehicle if you are not sure if it will comply with our requirements.

Hackney Carriages:

  • Can pick up customers in the street or from a taxi rank in the Wealden area
  • Can be pre-booked without the need for an additional licence (Operator’s Licence)
  • Must display an approved roof sign, rear door badges and white licence plates both inside and outside of the vehicle

Private Hire Vehicles:

  • Can and must only be pre-booked through an Operator licensed by Wealden District Council
  • Must not display a roof sign but must display rear door badges and yellow plates both inside and outside the vehicle
  • Executive vehicles undertaking purely executive work may be exempt from displaying external plates and badges at the Council’s discretion and these will be issued with an Exemption Certificate

All Vehicle Licenses last for one year and once licensed remain a licensed vehicle irrespective of whether it is working or not. The vehicle licence plates must not be removed and it can only be driven by a driver licensed by this Council.

Vehicle Eligibility Criteria

Before applying you should check our eligibility section to make sure your vehicle will meet our standards.

Apply for a Vehicle Licence

If you are sure your vehicle is suitable then you may make an application and our page explains the application process.

Renew a Vehicle Licence

Vehicle licences are valid for one year so renewing on time is crucial.

Make a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Vehicle Payment

You can make all of your vehicle licence payments online. If you would like to view the fees before making payment please visit our

Taxi Licensing Fees page.