Wealden District Council
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Gazprom Marketing and Trading Retail Limited

Wealden District Council chief executive Trevor Scott said, “Our legal and procurement teams are currently looking into the issue and we are seeking advice and support from the Local Government Association.”


“The council is one of a number of local authorities which receives services through contracts with Gazprom. It is public record that WDC has three contracts with Gazprom running until 2024 relating to retirement living complexes across the Wealden district.”


“At the time of procurement, Gazprom put forward the best case to supply services in accordance with the legal obligation on local authorities to obtain best value.”


Council leader Bob Standley said, “The council utterly condemns the Russian invasion of the independent sovereign country of Ukraine and gives our support to Ukrainian citizens.”


“We are seeking advice from the Local Government Association and government on how we can cancel the contract with Gazprom and seek alternative gas supplies to our sheltered homes.”


“We can confirm our council has no other contracts with Russian controlled companies.”