Register a New Address

Apply for addresses where there are no new streets

Applications submitted for postal addresses for properties including flats where there are no new streets, must be accompanied by site plans annotated with plot numbers (minimum scale of 1:2500), along with the approved planning permission reference.  Where there are to be blocks of flats, floor plans showing plot numbers are required.

Please see the Council’s Street Naming and Numbering Policy 2016  for further information.

Fees for Registering New Addresses

 New Properties Single Plot £50
  2 – 5 Plots £100
  6 – 10 Plots £200
  11 – 19 Plots £300
  20+ Plots £400 plus £15 per additional plot

Details on how to make a payment will be forwarded once we have received your application.

Please register new addresses using My Wealden