Registering Developments with New Streets

New Developments

Please apply for addresses at least four months before the development completion date to allow time for the street naming consultation process.

Applications for addresses for new build developments must be accompanied by site plans annotated with plot numbers on a scale of 1:2500.  Where there are to be blocks of flats, floor plans showing the plot numbers are also required.

Properties are generally numbered with odds on the left and evens on the right in a clockwise direction where appropriate.  Postal number 13 will automatically be included unless the developer specifically requests that this number be omitted.  Plot to postal numbers may not always coincide.

Criteria for new street names

We avoid the duplication of names within the same town, village or postcode sector, and names should not serve commercial interests.

Wherever possible names should reflect the geography or history of the area, and where there are to be several streets the names will share a theme.

Names should not be difficult to pronounce or spell and should not cause offence to race, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation.  The use of the name of a living person is not permitted.

Marketing names rarely become the registered street name and prospective purchasers and tenants should be made aware of this.

This Council consults with the local Town or Parish Council regarding new street names before making a final decision.

Please note that it is not lawful to erect a street nameplate until the street names has been officially registered by this Council.

Please refer to the Council’s Street Naming and Numbering Policy 2016   for further information.

Fees for Large Developments

New Developments 2 – 5 Plots £100
6 – 10 Plots £200
11 – 19 Plots £300
20+ Plots £400 plus £15 per additional plot

*Payments can be made via debit card (Maestro and VISA Debit) where no charge will apply or by credit card (Mastercard and VISA) where a 2% transaction charge will apply. American Express, Diners Club and Electron cards are not accepted.

Cheques payable to Wealden District Council with your reference number written on the reverse. *Reference numbers will be allocated after we have received your application.

Details on how to make a payment will be forwarded once we have received your application.

Please register developments using My Wealden