Street Nameplate Information


3mm thick aluminium plate coloured mid-Brunswick green (BS226) with white border 12.5mm (0.5 inches) wide. White Kindersley lettering 87.5mm (3.5 inches) high formed in paint or dye-pressed (not “stick-on” or PVC).

Post and backboards

Formed in black recycled plastic. Posts 75mm square by 1200mm long, drilled for metal pin 150mm from base of post. Backboards 25mm thick by 150mm wide, of length and number to suit the plate(s) being attached. 2 metal pins to be supplied with each complete nameplate.


Backboards to be attached to posts with coach bolts, which also pass through the nameplate. Nameplates to be additionally secured to backboards with vandal-proof fixings at maximum spacing of 225mm.

On site

150mm metal pin to be inserted through each post 150mm above base. Posts to be set in ground approximately 450mm, as necessary, to make centre of name board 600mm above ground level. Base of each post to be secured with 2 heaped shovels of 6:1 concrete mix. Remainder of hole to be backfilled and ground reinstated as appropriate for location.

Cul-de-sac plate

To be added to right hand end of street nameplate (with suitable extra length backboard) when required.

Suggested supplier

Nigel Wilmshurst, Lasting Images, 01825 872888