Your Involvement in the Planning Process


Wealden District Council’s Planning Service encourages public involvement in the planning application process.  You can be involved by:

  • Commenting on planning applications during the consultation period
  • Making your views known to your Town/Parish Council
  • Contacting your local Wealden District Councillor
  • Registering to speak where an application goes before the Planning Committee
  • Viewing Committee Meetings on-line

Making Comments on a Planning Application

You may become aware of a planning application in your area from:

  • Receiving a letter from the Planning Service because you are a neighbour near to the site/development
  • Finding information from the Wealden website –
  • Seeing a site notice in the vicinity of the site
  • Reading a public notice or article in the local newspaper
  • Word of mouth from a friend/colleague
  • Social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Information from your Parish or Town Council who are consulted on planning applications in their area and have 21 days to respond.

You can respond to the Council either to support or object to an application by:

  • emailing the Planning Service at:
  • completing the online comment form on the website –
  • writing a letter to Wealden District Council. Please note that from the 19th March 2020 the post received into the Council to Planning is only being checked intermittently due to staff working remotely. This will slow down your comments being received and we would urge you to use electronic correspondence where possible instead.

Most consultation is for a 21 day period (with the exception of some prior notification applications) and any comments should be received by the due date as shown on the letter, site notice, public notice and/or website (whichever is the latest date).

Due to the level of public correspondence on planning applications, the Council is unable to respond to questions but please be assured that due consideration will be given to any comments/issues raised.

Please Note:  For your comments to be considered by the planning officer, please ensure you include your name and full postal address in your correspondence.

With recent government changes to the planning legislation, there are an increasing number of applications called Prior Notifications where there is little or no public consultation required either to local residents or Town/Parish Councils.