Commenting on a Planning Application

How are you involved in the planning process?

There are 3 main ways that you can be involved in the planning process;

  • view the details of any new applications online
  • make comments on applications during the consultation period
  • address members of the relevant Committee, on applications that are reported to this Committee. Please note: unfortunately we are unable to give specific times when planning applications will be heard on the day of the Committee meeting.

If you are an applicant or an objector to a planning application unfortunately it will not be possible for you to see a copy of the planning officers report (or know the recommendations) until it is either published as part of a committee agenda or an officer delegated decision has been made.

How to make comments on a planning application

Every planning application has a period in which you may make comments.  You may comment on an application until the later of the three dates:

  • The expiry of the site notice
  • The expiry of the advert (where relevant)
  • The expiry of the letter sent to neighbouring properties.

The dates above will be displayed on the details page of the planning application in our Planning Applications Online System.

To submit comments on an application you can;

  • Click on the ‘Comment on this application’ button on the details page of the planning application.  The button will be shown only during the consultation period (the later of the three dates given above) during which comments can be made.
  • Email, or post your comments using the contact details below.  Please ensure that you quote the planning application number in your correspondence and include your name and full postal address.  If you do not include your name and address your comments will be classed as anonymous and not taken into consideration by the planning officer.

Finding applications to comment on using our planning website

To view applications open for comments, you can use the Planning Weekly List for the latest applications received.

When you are ready to comment, click the ‘Comment on this application’ button.  A commenting form will open, allowing you to complete and submit the details of your comment.

Important notes about commenting on a planning application

Any representations received must be made available for public inspection, (in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Access to Information Act (1985)) and this means that the Council cannot treat any comments made on a planning application as confidential. Any comments you make will form part of the background papers to the planning application and will be available for public inspection both on the planning file and on the Internet. Every effort will be made to remove personal details such as telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures prior to the information appearing on the Internet, although wherever possible, please do not include these details.

Whilst late comments will be taken into consideration by the case officer, where applicable, it may be too late to report these in full to the relevant Committee.

All comments received on an application will be considered prior to a decision being made, however we are unable to respond to individual comments within letters owing to the volume of correspondence received.  Unfortunately we are also unable to enter into correspondence received after a decision has been made.

What to comment on

When commenting on a planning application there are certain relevant issues that can be taken into account. Whilst we endeavour to publish all comments received on our website, there may be times when enclosures may not be automatically scanned. However, any information received will always be on the planning file.

The following are relevant issues to comment on:

  • whether the proposed use is a suitable one for the area
  • whether the appearance and size of a new building is in keeping with its neighbours and the surrounding area
  • whether the external alterations to an existing building are in character
  • whether any neighbouring property will suffer any overshadowing, overlooking or loss of privacy
  • whether there will be any increase in noise and disturbance, for example from the movement of any extra traffic
  • whether new public buildings have satisfactory access for the disabled
  • whether new access road and vehicle parking areas will be safe for road users and pedestrians
  • whether, in the case of an application for an advertisement, the proposed sign is too large, unsightly and/or is likely to give rise to any highway safety issues
  • whether a public footpath is affected
  • whether there is any visual impact upon the landscape i.e.. loss of trees and hedgerows
  • whether the proposal conflicts with the Council’s planning policies

The Department for Communities and Local Government – Planning, building and the environment (external link) provide further advice.

The following are not considered to be relevant issues to comment on:

  • loss of view
  • boundary and other disputes between neighbours e.g. private rights of way, conflicts with covenants
  • health and safety and party wall matters
  • loss of trade from individual competing businesses
  • loss of property value.


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