Wealden Local Plan Examination Library

Wealden Local Plan Examination Library

The Wealden Local Plan Examination Library is available to view below, and will be updated with supporting documentation at each stage of the Examination.

Please see the Wealden Local Plan Post-Submission Library Index.

All documents submitted during the examination can be found in section Y on this page.

V. Correspondence between PINS and WDC upon submission of the Wealden Local Plan

W. Statements in response to the Inspector’s Matters, Issues and Questions

Please note: Responses which contain responses to several matters have been repeated under the lists below, with relevant page numbers.

Matter 1: Legal Compliance, including Duty to Co-operate

Matter 2: Vision and Objectives and Local Plan Growth

Matter 3: Objectively Assessed Needs for Housing and Employment Land

Matter 4: Supply of housing

X. Documents added to the Examination Library after Submission

X1. Natural England Report, European Site Conservation Objectives: Supplementary advice on conserving and restoring site features – February 2019

Y. Documents submitted during the Examination

Y1. Joint Authorities Day 3 Speaking Note (Legal Submissions on HRA) 22 May 2019
Y2. Judgement of the Court – Grace Sweetman – 25 July 2018
Y3. Judgement of the Court – Commission v Germany – 26 April 2017
Y4. Judgement of the Court – Cooperatie Mobilisation for the Environment UA – 7 November 2018
Y5. Wealden District Council Supplementary Advice – 28 May 2019
Y6. Wealden District Council OAHN Note 30th May 2019
Y7. Eastbourne Borough Council 1st Email read in DtC session 22 May 2019
Y8. Eastbourne Borough Council 2nd Email read in DtC session 22 May 2019
Y9. Wealden District Council Employment Transport Note
Y10. Wealden District Council Employment Needs
Y11.  Croudace Homes Response to WDC Note on Employment Needs and Jobs Growth Distribution – 14 June 2019
Y12. Uckfield Chamber of Commerce Response to WLP Examination Matter 3 Question 57 – 14 June 2019
Y13. Vine Family and University of Brighton Response to WLP Examination Matter 3 Question 57 – 14 June 2019
Y14. SDNPA Inspectors Report 18th June 2019
Y15. Joint Authorities note on redacted evidence
Y16. Joint authorities note on TWBC
Y17. Guide to the assessment of air quality impacts on designated nature conservation sites IAQM June 2019

Y18. Responses to IAQM Guidance June 2019 

Y19. WDC response to Joint Authorities HRA speaking note July 2019

Y20. Natural England NECR210 March 2016