Wealden Local Plan Submission Library

Wealden District Council has submitted the Submission Wealden Local Plan for independent examination. A Planning Inspector, appointed by the Secretary of State, will now conduct an examination into the plan’s soundness.

The Submission Wealden Local Plan and core supporting documents are available to view below with a full index of all documents submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (including links to the documents). A Habitats Regulations Assessment Evidence Base Index Key has also been prepared.

J1. Wealden Local Plan Sites – Landscape and Ecological Assessment Study – July 2017

Part One – Landscape Assessment

Part Two – Ecological Assessment

J2. Green Infrastructure Study 2017

J3. Core Strategy Background Paper 5: Biodiversity

J4. Core Strategy Background Paper 6: Green Infrastructure

J5. South Wealden Growth Area – Landscape and Ecological Assessment Study April 2017

Appendix 1 – Ecological Site Assessments

Appendix 2 – Landscape Site Assessments

J6. Wealden Landscape and Settlement Character Assessment November 2014

Landscape Studies

J7. Settlement Character Assessment Supplementary Report November 2016

M3. Wealden Design Guide November 2008

M4. Core Strategy Local Plan 2013

M5. Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan May 2016