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Appreciate a tree photo competition

Line of trees in Autumn along the edge of a large lake. Reflections are crystal clear in the lake.

24th June is Appreciate a Tree Day.

Trees form the backbone of our local environment, support local wildlife and help store carbon. To celebrate our appreciation for their impact on our lives and the planet, we would like to invite you to take part in our photo competition.

How to enter

  1. Find a tree to take a photo of (it could be picturesque, unusual or anything else that makes you stop and look at it twice).
  2. Take a photo on any device
  3. Upload it online by clicking here
  4. Wait to hear if you are the winner


The winning entry will be framed in the foyer of our offices in Hailsham for all to see.


  • Contestants can be of any age
  • As this contest is entered online, it is essential to fill in your contact details so that we can get in touch if you are the winner
  • The photo can be taken on any device, so long as you are able to upload a version online via the form
  • Photos must contain no people, unless consent is obtained and provided. Click here to download our blank consent form: Photo Consent Form – WDC
  • Judges decisions are final
  • By entering, you are giving permission for images of this artwork to be shared on our social media, press releases and website.
  • Entries must be submitted by midnight Sunday 10th July, as judging will commence later that day

Entries so far

Image of a forest full of bluebells at sunset with a white border and text across it that reads winner.
Dark sky with louds and contrasting colours with silhouette of a tree in a field.
Looking up at tree foliage from underneath and seeing branches as silhouettes against the sunrays coming through the leaves.
Tree with pink blossom in a green field.
Tree trunk with dogs running in long grass next to it
Silhouette of tree leaning sideways against a sunset background and Birling Gap lighthouse behind
Looking at a tree in the middle of a farmer's field surrounded by yellow straw whilst itself is a lush foliage of dark green with blue cloudless sky behind it.
Image of a tree in the sideways silhouette of a boxer dog.
Vignette of three trees in between fields of wheat and barley with a footpath leading between them
Mossy root system of tree trunks
Black and white image of sideways growing tree on the South Downs
Rainbow arcing and finishing behind one silhouetted tree in the image with dark grey clouds behind it
Fallen over tree with root system pointing towards the camera. Blue sky behind it
foggy wooded clearing surrounded by tall thin trees on a frosty day
Large tree at the forefornt of the image with thunderstorm happening behind it
Looking up at green foliage of a tree in the summer
Looking up at bare tree trunk with light grey sky behind it
Tall tree silhouetted against the sky backdrop of a hill.
One lone tree creating a dark shadow as sun sets behind it in a village green.
Large green leafed tree on the side of a road with blue sky in the background.
Tall thin trees of an exotic tree in barky soil
Tree with purple and pink sunset behind it whilst it its silhouetted
Thick forest of thin trees as far as the eye can see
Large green tree looking up into the foliage with the blue sky behind it
Large tree in full bloom with white flowers and blue skies behind it.
Old stump of a tree that has been struck by lightning.
Sunset light over a forest full of a carpet of bluebells surrounded by trees
Large old tree with many stumps and bare branches up it in a grassy green field with more trees behind it.
Windswept tree on the top of the downs with hills and clear skies behind it.
Thick foliage of leaves in the canopy of a tree
Bare tree with no leaves stretching up to the clear blue sky. Open field behind it.
Low cut tree with no leaves in the foreground and thick bush foliage behind it
Silhouette of tree against the sun and clear sky
Growing tree sapling in a field with a row of houses behind it
Foggy overcast weather with a tall tree overlooking a dark lake
Sun poking through the foliage in dewy grassy field
Clear blue skies behind a large ornate tree in manor grounds
Two tracks leading away along the Cuckoo Trail with trees surrounding it
Foggy background and only able to see two large leafy trees in a grassy field in the foreground of the picture
Edge of a duck pond surrounded by leafy trees.
Silhouette of a tree on the edge of a lake with saturated sky and clouds behind it.
Silhouette of tree on edge of large lake surrounded by mountains with blue and cloudy sky behind them.
Silhouette of tree with birds sitting on all its branches
Look over a duck pond with geese and sucks roaming and surrounded by trees.
Tall thin trees with sunlight peeping through the back of them
Looking up the trunk of a very green and mossy tree into a full leafy canopy
Line of bare trees along the edge of a river
Bent over tree leaning over a duck pond.
Silhouette of atree with clear blue skies behind it
Path leading away between two lines of fully leaved trees with clear blue skies behind them.
Bark of a tree filling the entire photo
Road leading away past a bare tree with sunset poking through branches behind that