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Corporate Plan

We now want to know what is important to you, what do you want the area of Wealden to be in the future and what do you think our priorities should be for the next four years?

Please complete this survey and let us know your thoughts.

Helpful links

  1. Demographic information on Wealden as a district to help set our priorities in context
  2. What we have achieved so far in our 2019-2023 corporate plan
  3. Please let us know what you think our priorities should be for 2023-2027 by completing this survey 

Your questions answered

The Council’s Corporate Plan sets out the direction, aims and priorities for Wealden for a period of four years. 

The last full plan covered a period from 2019 to 2023. Due to COVID and to ensure we captured our commitment to tackling climate change we undertook a short review in 2021. The next plan will cover 2023 to 2027.

We want to know now what you think the council’s priorities should be. Please let us know what’s important to you, what you want Wealden to be in the future and what you think our priorities should be for the next four years, 2023 to 2027, by completing this survey  

We want to know what you or your organisation think our priorities should be by completing this survey or by contacting pr@wealden.gov.uk to request a hard copy of this information. 

Progress against the delivery of the plan and its objectives is measured and reported on a regular basis. In keeping with our commitment to transparency and accountability, quarterly reports are considered at Cabinet  and Overview and Scrutiny committees. These reports include updates on our priorities and measure the impact of our activities and are publicly available on our website.

The Wealden Corporate Plan is a plan for the whole of Wealden that ensures we take into account the views and priorities of our service users, residents and the wider priorities of national Government when developing all of our services and that we use resources effectively and evaluate how well we are performing.

The local plan is the name for the collection of documents that together provide the framework for managing development and addressing the key planning issues within the district.

Once we have received feedback from our residents and relevant stakeholders we will review this information and draft the plan. This will then go to Cabinet and Full Council for their further input and final agreement.

A flow chart to show the five stages of the Corporate plan development. We are currently on stage 1-Consulting. Stage 2 is Reviewing, stage 3 is drafting, stage 4 is Cabinet and Stage 5 is Full Council.