Report a Change in your Current Claim

If you want to make a new claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax support you can make a claim online.  If you have claimed with us in the past but do not currently receive benefits from us,  you will need to make a new claim.

If you already receive housing benefit or council tax support, you must tell us immediately if you or the people living with you have any changes in circumstances. Some changes may mean you are entitled to more benefits, but others could mean you no longer qualify for benefits or should receive a lower amount. Always report any change in circumstances as soon as it happens.

What changes do I need to tell you about?

When we work out how much help you get we take into account the people who live with you, your income and capital and any rent you pay. You must therefore tell us if any of these details change. Examples of changes are You start or stop working, your working hours change, your child leaves education, your state benefits change, your private/occupational pension changes, someone move in with you, someone move out, your rent changes, you move. These are not the only changes just examples. If you are unsure if you should tell us about a change then tell us anyway.

How do I tell you about a change?

You can tell us about a Change of Circumstances online.

This is based on authority from Chief Executive for Wealden District Council to use electronic facilities for benefit claims 

What evidence will I need?

When you use our online change form we will provide you with a list of evidence we need when you have completed the claim. If you do not have a printer please have a pen and paper ready to note down the documents we need.

You can send us the evidence attached to an email or by post using the contact details below. Please note if you post the evidence we will need to see original documents but we will send these back to you the day we receive them.

If you are self employed we will need you to complete and return a Self Employment form.

What happens next?

We will look at your claim as soon as we can and we will write or email you if we need more information.

Please note we are currently processing claims  in 10 days so it is unlikely you will be told about any award earlier than this.