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Wealden District Council is continually working towards improving and maintaining the accessibility and usability of our website.  We have recently redesigned our website, with the aim to make it more accessible, mobile and user-friendly.

The new design is fully “responsive”, meaning the website layout changes to suit the device being used to view it. This page will showcase the responsive design and explain how to use its features. 

Accessibility Statement

This website is run by Wealden District Council. We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website. Our accessibility statement shows how we are making our website as accessible and usable as possible.

Mobile Version

The new Wealden website offers an improved mobile experience, optimising the display for your mobile phone or tablet device, whilst offering the same content as the desktop version.

The content has been arranged in such a way that allows it to fit comfortably on the screen, with large buttons to access the content pages. The navigation menu and website search are easily accessible from the top of every page.

Enhanced Zoom Version

We have also made sure that we have offered an optimised design for users who prefer larger text size, or simpler design. Use your browser zoom settings or hold down the Ctrl key and press + on your keyboard. You will notice that like the mobile version the navigation and search functions have been modified so that the site is much simpler to use at this level of zoom.  If you keep increasing the zoom, the layout will eventually match that of the mobile version above.


ReadSpeaker allows the text on the website to be read out loud to you. It provides you assistance if you have trouble reading text online. By having the text read out loud to you, you can understand the information on the website more easily. This makes the website more accessible and more pleasant to visit. As a user you don’t have to download anything.

Accessibility Guides 

The BBC offers a number of excellent guides  to help you learn how to change websites through your browser, which could help you to create a more comfortable experience when viewing Wealden’s website.