Our Spending plans

The following table shows our income and how we plan to spend it.

Our Spending Plans for 2021/22
£ (000)
£ (000)
Elected Members379367
Chief Executive’s Directorate4,8405,252
District Council Elections 20
Community and Customer Services Directorate9,2549,031
Planning Policy and Environmental Services3,6224,096
Centrally Managed Budgets6441,242
Total Cost of Services18,73920,008
Drainage Levies8884
Interest (Net)-600-356
Charges to the Housing Revenue Account-1,140-1,185
Capital Financing Charges665637
Capital Expenditure charged to Revenue1,8255,052
Net cost of Services19,57724,240
Parish Council Tax Support Grant0 
Business Rates/Revenue Support Grant-4,800-4,500
Other Government Grants-1,825-2,960
Contributions to /(from) Earmarked Reserves14-3,493
Contributions to /(from) General Fund Balances -172
District Council Basic Council Tax Requirement12,96613,115
Town and Parish Council Precepts6,9917,232
Total Council Tax Requirement19,95720,347
How our spending has changed from 2020/21
Item£ (000)
Council Tax Requirement in 2020/2112,966
Inflationary increases337
Reduction in Retained Business Rates300
Increase in Government Grants (New Homes Bonus, Rural Service Delivery Grant and Covid Grant)-1,135
Covid pressures600
Other service pressures255
Reduced interest from investments244
Increased revenue contribution to capital3,227
Use of Reserves and Balances-3,679
Council Tax Requirement in 2021/22 13,115
Changes to Band D Council Tax
Band D Council Tax2020/21
 % Change
Wealden District Council£197.44£197.440.00%

Wealden’s share of the council tax is equivalent to £3.80 per week.