Wealden District Council
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Our Spending plans

The following table shows our income and how we plan to spend it.

Our Spending Plans for 2024/25
£ (000)
£ (000)
Elected Members397419
Chief Executive’s Directorate4,4465,081
Customer and Community Services12,24013,296
Planning, Policy and Environmental Services4,0175,151
Legal, Governance and Strategic Projects1,7261,857
Centrally Managed Budgets41995
Total Cost of Services23,54525,899
Drainage Levies9295
Interest (Net)(2,105)(4,003)
Charges to the Housing Revenue Account(1,163)(1,310)
Capital Financing Charges312318
Capital Expenditure charged to Revenue12,66623,047
Net cost of Services33,34744,046
Business Rates(7,350)(8,059)
Community Infrastructure Levy Use(2,000)(9,703)
Other Government Grants(2,890)(3,331)
Contributions to /(from) Earmarked Reserves(7,581)(8,500)
Contributions to /(from) General Fund Balances608250
District Council Basic Council Tax Requirement14,13414,703
Town and Parish Council Precepts7,8958,942
Total Council Tax Requirement22,02923,645
How our spending has changed from 2023/24
Item£ (000)
District Council basic Council Tax Requirement in 2023/2414,134
Inflationary increases1,843
Increase in retained Business Rates(709)
Increase in Government Grants(411)
Service pressures (net)511
Increased use of Community Infrastructure Levy (to fund Capital programme)(7,703)
Increase in interest from investments (2,036)
Increased revenue contribution to capital 10,381
Increased use of reserves and balances(1,277)
District basic Council Tax requirement in 2024/25 14,703
Changes to Band D Council Tax
Band D Council Tax2023/24
 % Change
Wealden District Council208.49214.722.99%

Wealden’s share of the council tax is equivalent to £4.13 per week.