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How To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

Owning a dog is very enjoyable but also a huge responsibility.

The following advice has been developed by Wealden’s Animal Welfare Licensing Officer to help you keep your dog safe and healthy and to ensure your dog does not cause nuisance to others:

  • Train your dog in elementary obedience
  • Feed your dog at regular times and with a nutritionally balanced diet
  • Feed your dog from their own dish
  • Keep your dog on a lead anywhere near a road, or where there are other animals
  • Train your dog not to foul in public places – if it does, “Scoop the poop”!
  • Remember your dog’s bark can be a nuisance
  • Provide your dog with their own bed
  • Never take your dog into a food shop – always tie its lead to a post
  • Keep your dog clean and regularly groomed
  • If you do not want your dog to have puppies, obtain advice from your vet
  • Make sure someone is caring for your dog when you go on holiday
  • Register your pet with a vet of your choice and maintain its vaccinations