Wealden District Council
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Dog Bins

We provide, maintain and empty most of the dog bins within the district. These are emptied according to usage and location.

Installation of dog bins

Please contact your Parish/Town council if you believe that a dog bin is required in your area as they are usually responsible for locating and funding dog bins.

Reporting a problem

If you see a dog bin that is overflowing, please report it using our online form.

If a dog bin is damaged, contact us via recycling@Wealden.gov.uk or by calling us on 01323 443322.

What can you do to help

You can help keep Wealden clean by:

  • Always carrying a bag when walking your dog and clean up after it.
  • Disposing of your bagged dog’s waste in either a dog bin, public litter bin or your own household bin.

You are legally obliged to clear up after your dog if it fouls any land which is open to the air, and to which the public have access. Remember that contact with dog excrement can lead to blindness, from a parasite called Toxocara canis. For further information visit Cleaning Up After Your Dog