Recycling Bring Sites

There are 50 Neighbourhood Recycling Points (NRP) within Wealden District where residents can recycle  a wide range of materials.

Advice on using the Recycling Points

Please remember the following when using the Recycling Points:

  • Be considerate and avoid using the Recycling Points between 8.30pm and 8.30am as the sites are usually located near homes.
  • Ensure the correct materials are place in each bin.
  • Remember to wash containers and squash plastic bottles putting the lids back on.
  • The recycling banks are emptied on a regular basis, should they be full please let us know using the contact details below.
  • Do not leave any recyclables on the ground as we cannot guarantee that these will be recycled.
  • Any bags or boxes should be placed in the litter bin if one is provided, or preferably taken home for disposal. Please note it is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to leave cardboard boxes, bags and other waste by the recycling containers or at the site.
  • Avoid special car journeys to recycle.