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Civic Community Hall, Hailsham, Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



“Council” means Wealden District Council of Council Offices, Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 2AX

“Hall” means the Civic Community Hall, Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 2AX

“Hirer” means the company or the representative of the organisation booking the Hall. The booking is personal to the Hirer and he/she may not transfer or sublet this consent to any other person.



Information relating to the Hall can be found via our website www.wealden.gov.uk and searching Civic Community Hall.

We can be contacted in several ways, however email is the Council’s preferred method of contact. Should you wish to telephone us, we check our voicemail twice a week for messages left.

Email: civiccommunityhall@wealden.gov.uk

Telephone: 01323 443372

Post: Wealden District Council, Facilities Department, Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 2AX


Booking Procedure

You can apply online at by completing the booking form. Alternatively you can request a booking form by emailing or telephoning the Council using the contact details below.

Your booking will not be confirmed until you have received official confirmation. 

Payments can be made by debit or credit card or a BACS payment.



The capacity of the Hall is 150 up to 180 people depending on the event and this will be discussed when the booking is made. As a condition of use, the Hirer acknowledges and agrees not to exceed this limit.



An invoice for the hire charge will be sent to you at least 28 days prior to your booking and a deposit (as set out below) will be payable at the time of the booking. The balance should then be paid in full within 14 days. If the invoice is not paid in full within 14 days the booking will be cancelled.

Bookings made within 28 days of the intended date of use of the Hall must be paid in full at the time of making the booking.

Hirers should note that the Council accepts no responsibility or liability for the cancellation of a booking due to the refusal of any Temporary Event Notice.

The Council reserves the right to refer all outstanding invoices to a debt collector.



A deposit will be payable at the time of booking. The deposit or a proportion thereof will be non-refundable if the Hall is left in an unclean state or there is any loss or damage to the Hall or any equipment therein. In cases where the damage is in excess of the deposit, the excess will be charged to you. The deposit amount varies on the type of event; the basic deposit amount is £50.00, however if your event involves alcohol the deposit increases to £150.00.  


Use of the Hall

The Hirer shall not use the Hall for any purpose other than that described on the booking form and shall not sub-hire, use or allow the Hall to be used for any unlawful purpose, nor do anything or bring into the Hall anything which may endanger the same or render invalid any insurance policies.

Smoking is not permitted in the Hall.


Cancellation by the Hirer

Cancellations by the Hirer must be in writing, however email is permitted. The cancellation date will be the date of receipt not the date of the notification.


Cancellation charges apply 30 days before the event and are as follows

30 days or over – no charge – full deposit returned
29-22 days before event – 75% of deposit returned
21-15 days before – 50% of deposit returned
14-7 days before – 25% of deposit returned
Less than 1 week – No deposit returned


Cancellation by the Council

The Council reserves the right to cancel the booking if payment in full is not received as set out above and to recover the hire charge from the Hirer. The booking is accepted by the Council on the basis that the information supplied is correct. Should information be incorrect the Council reserves the right to cancel the booking and recover the hire charge from the Hirer.

In the event of an emergency Wealden District Council reserve the right to cancel any booking. If for any reason beyond the control of the Council, the Council is unable to provide the facilities on the hire date, the hire fee shall be refunded and that shall be the extent of the Council’s liability. 


Fire Evacuation Procedures

The Hall will be evacuated when the alarm sounds. The evacuation zone (Hall) must be checked by the Hirer to confirm evacuation has taken place. The zonal clearance for the Hall is identified on the evacuation instructions detailed in the Hall and you should familiarise yourself with these.


Kitchen Facilities

The kitchen facilities include: cups, saucers, plates and cutlery. The cost of any damages will be recovered from the Hirer.  There is to be no hot food preparation in the kitchen. The Hirer shall, if preparing, serving or selling food, observe all relevant food health and hygiene legislation and regulations.


Gaming, Betting and Lotteries

The Hirer shall ensure that nothing is done on or in relation to the premises in contravention of the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries.


Clean and Tidy Condition

The Hirer should ensure the Hall is left in a clean and tidy condition. All rubbish should bagged, preferably into recyclable / non-recyclable bags and left in front of the kitchen to be disposed of by the Council’s Caretakers, up to a maximum of 6 bags. Any remaining bags should be disposed of by the Hirer. Cleaning equipment is stored in the kitchen.



Hirers must adhere to all requirements of the Licensing Act 2003.

The Council’s Premises Licence for the Hall does not have the necessary provision to permit the sale of alcohol for bookings. Accordingly, you should ensure your event is covered by a Temporary Event Notice under the Licensing Act 2003 from Wealden District Council, Licensing Department – please note there is a charge (approx. £21). If you fail to obtain a Temporary Event Notice you will break the law if you provide alcohol at your event. A copy of the Temporary Event Notice is to be lodged with the Civic Community Hall Administrator.

Any party for those aged 18 or over require double Caretaker cover at an additional cost of £20.00 per hour (where alcohol is involved).

Party’s for those aged 14 to 18 require onsite adult supervision, plus double Caretaker cover at an additional cost of £20.00 per hour.


Respect our Neighbours

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to arrive and depart from the Hall in accordance with the times stated on their Booking Confirmation Form. The Hirer and its associates must ensure that their use does not cause a nuisance to any other person or local resident. In particular the Hirer must ensure a timely and considerate vacation of the Hall after use. Should your booking exceed the agreed time you will be charged for the additional hire.


Loss and Damage

The Hirer will be held solely responsible in respect to any claims arising, or loss, accident, injury or damage to persons sustained in connection with this event. Any loss or damage to Council property, furniture, fittings, fixtures, flooring, appliances and apparatus in or about the Hall will be charged to you. For example, damage by stiletto heels to the flooring, will be chargeable and may be in excess of the deposit held

No responsibility will be accepted for any damage to, or loss of any property you bring to, or store at the Hall. 



Nothing is to be driven into or attached in any way to ceilings, walls, floors, furniture or furnishings without prior permission. No writing, painting or disfigurement is to be applied to the walls, ceilings or floors.


Public Liability Insurance

For Private Hirers, public liability insurance is included within the hire cost.

Businesses and other Councils must make their own arrangements for public liability insurance and liaise with Wealden District Council to ensure the value is reflective of the event taking place.


Additional Permissions

Permission of the Council is required in respect of the following:

Broadcasting and filming (including videoing, photography etc.)