Wealden District Council
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About the Council


The Council’s Corporate Plan sets out its direction and priorities for the next four years. Building on our previous .

The links from this page explain our vision for the District over 2019-23 and what we want to achieve.

Our priorities for Wealden over 2019-23 are grouped around four themes:

  • Communities
  • Environment
  • Local Economy
  • Sound Business Management

View further information on the District of Opportunity – Wealden District Council’s Corporate Plan for 2019-23

Council Members

The Council is made up of 45 Councillors elected in 41 wards in the District. Elections to the whole Council are held every four years with the last election held on 2 May 2019. District Councillors make policies and take decisions that affect the people of Wealden and decide how the budget should be spent. Detailed decisions are delegated to the Cabinet, individual Cabinet Portfolio Holders and Committees. View more information about the Elected Council.


In addition to our elected Councillors responding to the needs and concerns of local people, the Council conducts regular consultations to assess and confirm local priorities, shape policy and plan service delivery.

Co-ordinating our Work and Partnerships

Setting the strategic direction of our work and co-ordinating much of it with the work of  our partners for delivery is mainly done through the Council’s .


The Council’s 365 staff are mainly involved in delivering and commissioning services. Our seven service areas are shown in the Council’s Senior Management Structure.

Find out more about what services a District Council provides.


The Council’s activity is funded from local Council Tax, central Government grants and fees and charges. Our Finance web pages set out information on our budgets and spending, Council Tax and benefits.

Managing our Performance

The Council monitors and manages its performance to ensure that it is making progress towards its priorities and achieving its targets as well as delivering value for money using public finance prudently and effectively.