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Disproportionate burden assessment for missing descriptive field text labels


We have some missing descriptive from field text labels on 7 occurrences. However on our website we do have 1,658 occurrences where we have the correct descriptive for field text labels.

Benefits of creating an accessible version

The benefits of adding the descriptive field text labels

  • a fully accessible version for all users to access
  • Our online forms ask customers for information to be completed. Most questions are set as an element. And each element should have a descriptive text label. Having a descriptive text label means that visitors using screen readers can understand what information is required.

Burden placed on the organisation  

We have 1,658 occurrences where we use form elements. However 7 of these are missing a form field label.
We are developing upgrades to the homepage, jobs page and navigation menu which should remedy these seven missing text labels. 

Contributing factors

Other factors relevant to this decision are:

  • The cost and time of changing these labels when we will soon be upgrading this.


The areas where we do not have these labels has been investigated internally and will be time and labour intensive to remedy. As these areas are due to be worked on and changed significantly we have kept as is as a temporary measure.

Page last reviewed: 21 September 2022