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Disproportionate burden assessment for Online Forms


Through rigorous testing we found one area where our third party supplier of our online forms system does not meet an area of accessibility.

Benefits of creating an accessible online forms

The benefits of creating more accessible online forms would be:

  • a fully accessible version for all users to access

Burden placed on the organisation  

The third party provided online form system is made up of multiple forms which we have developed internally.

To make sure our online forms have the same look and feel, we developed a subform which is integrated in to many of our online forms. There is an issue relating to accessibility relating to this subform as the labels in the subform are the same.

We have never received a request for an accessible version of the online form or a complaint that it can’t be used.

We have estimated that it would take around 2 weeks of a form developer’s time to integrate our new subform in to all of our online forms.¬†

Contributing factors

Other factors relevant to this decision are:

  • The cost and time of changing so many forms, would be outweighed by the numbers of members of the public who would require access to it.


Where practicable some of the online forms have already been made accessible. Those areas where we have not yet done this will need to be remedied. This work is taking place during September and October 2022.

Page last reviewed: 21 September 2022