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Online Claim Help

I am self-employed but unable to work due to COVID-19

If you are currently self-employed and unable to work because of the virus, you will need to input the following.

  1. Put that you are working as the option for the self-employment status
  2. State that you are currently working one hour a week
  3. Put the income as £0 per week
  4. Towards the end of the form there is an extra comments box that you can mention that you are unable to work due to COVID-19.
  5. The calculator may mention that you still do not qualify for Council Tax Reduction because it automatically applies the “Minimum Income Floor”. Ignore this and continue with the claim until submission as we are not applying this currently.

I have claimed Universal Credit but do not currently know my award

If you have made a claim for Universal Credit but are yet to receive any funds you will need to put the following.

  1. When the form asks if you are currently receiving Universal Credit you need to put “no”.
  2. This will then lead to a further question that asks if you have claimed Universal Credit. You answer “yes” to this question and the form will then not ask for the details of the award.

I have received an email asking me to provide evidence for my claim.

On the step before you finally submit your online claim for Council Tax Reduction/Housing Benefit, there is a button that says “view your checklist here”. If you look at this document it will list the documents that you need to provide to support your claim.

If you did not see this button and submitted the claim and are unable to see what information you need to provide, please email benefits@wealden.gov.uk and we can send you a copy of the checklist via email for you.

I am working age, not currently working but have more than £6000 in the bank.

If you are currently not working but still have more than £6000 in the bank you will still not be entitled to Council Tax Reduction. The working age capital limit for Council Tax Reduction is £6000 and has not been altered despite the current climate.