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Your benefit letter explained

We know that our letters can look very complicated. We have a lot to include so that you can see how we have worked out how much help you get.

Let’s have a look at each section and what it tells you.

About your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

This tells you how much help you are getting. We tell you what it is as a weekly figure.

What if I am still finding it difficult to pay my bills

This tells you about extra help you may be able to get if you have to pay rent.

Does something look wrong?

This tells you what you need to do if you look through your letter and the information we have used doesn’t match your circumstances.

Have your circumstances changed

This tells you what you need to do if your circumstances have changed since the last time we wrote to you.


This is our most complicated section of the letter. It tells you what we have used to work out your award.

  • It starts by telling you what date the award starts from and when it goes up to. Please note all of the figures in this section are weekly figures.
  • We tell you what income we have used. This includes any earnings, state benefits, pensions etc.
  • We also list any savings you have told us about. We sometimes refer to savings as capital, they are the same thing for us. This is what you have told us you have in the bank or in investments.
  • If you are entitled to Housing Benefit we will also tell you the rent figure we have used.
  • Each award period ends with a summary of the income we have used, the rental figure we have used (if you get Housing Benefit) and how these have been used to work out your weekly award.

If you are not sure about anything in the letter just send us an email at benefits@wealden.gov.uk