Published Data about Business Rates

Public information about business rates on commercial properties.
We receive a number of requests for information about the business rates on commercial properties. To help answer these requests, we publish specific information on the business rates of commercial properties, accounts in credit and new businesses paying business rates.
Please note that we screen this information before publishing to remove accounts relating to individuals, as this data is exempt.

Commercial Properties

View or download Commercial properties in Wealden and their business rates – October 2021 which provides the following information:

  •  Account name
  • Account start date
  • Billing authority/ Property Ref No.
  • Current 2017 rateable value
  • Current rates payable
  • Rating description
  • Details of relief (including type of relief, date of relief was applied)
  • Full property address
  • Empty status

Further information is available on the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) website .

Overpaid Credits

View or download the Overpaid credits 22 September 2021 which provides a snapshot of credits and write-on balances. The council tries to refund all credits, particularly when they are due to a change in occupation or rateable value.

New Businesses

View or download a list of new businesses that have become newly responsible for business rates to October 2021​ which provides the following information:

  • Account name
  • Account start date
  • Billing authority reference number

We do not provide the account reference number, as this information is sensitive to the ratepayer.
We aim to refresh the published data every quarter.