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Community Toilet Scheme

We operate a community toilet scheme working in partnership with businesses in order to provide more readily available toilet facilities for visitors and shoppers. Are you a business that would be interested in participating in the scheme? Here are some commonly asked questions to help you find out more about the scheme.


How does the scheme work?

This scheme involves businesses making their toilet facilities available to the public. Local business such as restaurants, cafes and pubs can work together with the Council to make clean, safe and accessible toilets available to the public, particularly to tourists in Wealden.

Members of the public would be allowed to use the toilet facilities during premises opening hours and without the need to necessarily make a purchase. In return, and based on the level of facilities available, the Council will agree to pay an annual fee. Participating premises display a sticker, provided by the Council, in their window indicating they participate in the scheme and the level of services available.


What does my busiess get from the partnership?

  • Confirmed income at several stages throughout the year, when at the present people may be using your toilet for no additional income.
  • More potential customers coming into your premises who may buy something from you.
  • Good publicity – your business will be advertised via the Council Web Pages as having Community Toilet Scheme Partners.
  • Creates a positive image of Wealden providing easily accessible toilet facilities
  • Press release on launch of the scheme


What does my business have to do?

Not much more than you do at the moment! Display a sign that the toilets should be available for use during normal opening hours and clean.


Who pays for the extra running costs?

The money you receive from the Council is intended to pay for the extra costs incurred by offering the Community Toilet Scheme.


How long must I enter into a Partnership for?

It would be based on an agreement for a fixed period, probably three years. This is mainly to cut down on the inconvenience of re-organising the Partnerships every year. However, this would be negotiable and you would have the option to withdraw from the scheme.


How many people can I expect to be using my toilets?

It is impossible to say, but it is hoped that in busier towns there may be several Partnerships, as well as existing Council Public toilets, to help spread the demand.


Am I expected to allow trouble makers in to use my toilets?

No. Although we would expect your toilets to be publicly available, you are entitled to expect the same standards of behaviour as you would from customers in your shop, pub or restaurant. If someone there is causing trouble, you would be entitled to ask them to leave and or bar them from entry in extreme cases. The same applies to people using your toilet facilities.


I run licensed premises, will letting children in to use the facilities affect this?

No, children can enter the bar area to travel to your toilets, as long as they do not stay.


How will this affect my insurance?

We strongly suggest you advise your insurers that you are entering the scheme. As a business which admits the public, you would already be required to have public liability insurance. Advice from the insurance industry is that there is no reason why you should be prevented from entering the scheme. However, you should check. In a minority of cases, the insurance company may slightly increase your premium. If that is the case, we are happy to discuss this with you.


What happens when the Partnership is set up?

An agreement will be drawn up and completed by both the provider and Wealden District Council to formally set up the Partnership. Signs will be organised and an official start date established.


Will my premises be inspected?

Your facilities will be inspected periodically and you would be advised of the results of any inspection.


Who do I contact if I am interested in the scheme?

Email carparking@wealden.gov.uk with your business name, address, contact details and details of which facilities you can provide.

If a facility only has a single toilet they will not be instantly excluded from the scheme. If you are interested in participating in the scheme or would like any further information, please contact us.


How much money can I expect from joining the scheme?

Each premises is assessed by a Council officer and a financial offer is made depending on how many, the standard and types of facilities you have, and your opening hours. If you are successfully placed on the scheme you will be paid 4 times a year. View further details on the table below.

Opening Hours Of FacilitiesGentsLadiesDisabled Baby ChangeBasic Fee 5 Days6 Days7 Days
Community Toilet Scheme Annual Fees
10 HrsYesYes   £500Plus 10%Plus 20%
10 HrsYesYesYes  £600 Plus 10%Plus 20%
10 HrsYesYesYesYes £700 Plus 10%Plus 20%
12 HrsYesYes   £800 Plus 10%Plus 20%
12 HrsYesYesYes  £900 Plus 10%Plus 20%
12 HrsYesYesYesYes £1,000 Plus 10%Plus 20%
12 Hrs+YesYes   £1,100 Plus 10%Plus 20%
12 Hrs+YesYesYes  £1,200 Plus 10%Plus 20%
12 Hrs+YesYesYesYes £1,300 Plus 10%Plus 20%