Community Grants Awarded in this Financial Year

Wealden’s Community Grants Programme 2019/20 received a large number of high quality applications, which will ensure that the budget is spent in the best possible way; supporting the valuable work of the third sector. (Some Service Level Agreement funding was allocated in previous years).

Community Grants awarded by the Community and Regeneration department

Small Grants

Organisation Project Award Award Period Award Date Registration Number
2nd Hailsham Scouts Towards camping equipment. £500 01/04/19 – 31/03/20 01/04/19 Charity No. 305855
Chelwood Gate and Danehill Village Market Group Towards the cost of an additional marquee for the market. £500 01/04/18-31/3/19 01/04/18
Community Stuff Costs towards activity sessions during school holidays which will take place in 3 outdoor venues at Hailsham, Polegate and Pevensey. £2,000 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19 CIC 09740592
Culture Shift Two arts workshops and events for disabled adults, their families and carers relating to personal safety. £2,000 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19 CIC 01176997
Dementia Support East Sussex Towards costs for this dementia singing group at day centres and care homes in different towns and villages of the District. £2,000 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19
Ditch the Slippers Transport and tutor costs (music, yoga and games facilitator) for this older people’s group in Crowborough. £1,000 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19
Eastbourne and South Wealden MS Society Hall hire for a new Hailsham yoga group for people with MS and their carers. This organisation provides yoga, coffee groups, crafts, lunch clubs and a men’s group in various locations, as well as specialist nursing sessions. £700 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19
Heathfield Volunteer Centre Towards a website which should give some sustainable income, and phone and laptop costs. £1,000 01/04/18-31/3/19 01/04/18 Charity No 1139257
Hailsham Festival Costs towards this successful arts festival which involves a large number of organisations and people. £500 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19
Music tuition costs for young people to encourage more to join the band. £500 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19 Charity No 273068
Rotherfield St Martin Equipment for this American football club which started in 2016. £500 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19 CIO 1168555
Isfield Youth Dogs Hall hire and equipment for this new club which offers a wide range of activities for young people. £1,000 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19
Jarvis Brook Juniors Football Club Portable goal set and mini goals for this club which has a large number of boys and girls between 4 – 18 playing. £2,000 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19 CIO 1168555
Stoolball England Equipment, venue hire and coaching costs for a project to deliver walking stoolball in Uckfield and to train secondary school students in Heathfield and Hailsham to become leaders. £2,000 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19
The Children’s Respite Trust Core costs and supplies for care sessions for children with disabilities at the new centre in Uckfield. £2,000 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19 Charity No 1140277
Wadhurst Culture Costs towards a series of community arts events to celebrate Wadhurst Woodlands. £800 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19 CIO 1154252
Warbleton Brass Band Help with instrument costs for new recruits of this band to ensure that those with lower incomes can play.  £1,000  01/04/19- 31/3/20  01/04/19
Total Small Grant Awards £18,500

Capital Grants

Capital grants awarded in this financial year
Organisation Project Award Award Period Award Date Registration Number
All Saints Danehill with Chelwood Gate Church Project Part of a large project to provide a community space in Chelwood Gate which includes extending the kitchen, meeting space and disabled access and toilet and baby changing.  £9,000 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19  Charity No. 1145025
Bells Yew Green Cricket Club Towards refurbishment of cricket nets at this successful club which has men and women players. £5,500 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19
Heathfield Rugby Football Club Help with an irrigation system, which is a small part of huge improvements at this club which has four female teams and a huge age range of players.  £7,500 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19
Maresfield Lawn Tennis Club Part of very large project to improve facilities, including providing better disabled access.  £7,500 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19 Charity No.1116960
St Wilfrid’s Church Hall, Pevensey Costs towards making the toilet accessible, which is part of a large project to make the hall properly disabled accessible, provide insulation, heating and floor upgrade, and make it fit for purpose. £7,500 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19
Vert Woods, Laughton Towards composting toilets for this 171 acre woodland which runs events and works with a wide range of partners for community and environmental benefit.  £2,000 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19 CBS 7505
Wannock Village Hall Toilet refurbishment at this well-used village hall.  £2,000 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19 Charity No 245075
Willingdon Cricket Club Towards new cricket nets which will be much quicker to erect and take down, and make a huge difference to the club.  £9,000 01/04/19-31/3/20 01/04/19
Total Capital Grant Awards £50,000

Service Level Agreements

Organisation Project Award Award Period Award Date Registration Number
Service level agreements made for spending during this financial year
Clued Up Young people’s advice / information shop in Crowborough giving excellent support to people in difficult circumstances. £1,400 01/04/19-31/3/22 01/04/19 Charity No 1093802
Cuckmere Community Buses Community transport provider in the south of the District. £5,500 01/04/19-31/3/22 01/04/19
East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre Support to families with British Sign Language (BSL) and peer support in Uckfield, Forest Row and Crowborough. £4,000 01/04/19-31/03/22 01/04/19 Charity No 1101140
Company No 04716514
EDEAL (Eastbourne and District Enterprise Agency Ltd) Business advice and support including the delivery of start-up workshops, business clinics and training across the District.  £8,000 01/04/19-31/03/22 01/04/19 Company No 03938207
ESAB (East Sussex Association for the Blind and Partially Sighted People) Support towards social groups and home visiting for blind and partially sighted people.  £2,800 01/04/19-31/03/22 01/04/19 Charity No 209535
Company No 363004
Heathfield Partnership Wealden Works Project supporting NEETS (not in employment, education or training) in Heathfield and other parts of the District.  £7,000 01/04/19-31/03/229 01/04/19
High Weald AONB Unit The High Weald AONB unit carries out management functions which Wealden District Council has a statutory duty to provide.  £7,200 01/04/19-31/03/22 01/04/19
Homestart Volunteer home visiting service for families in difficult circumstances which gives practical support to vulnerable families.  £9,000 01/04/19-31/03/22 01/04/19 Charity No 1108855
Company No 5368531
North Wealden Community Transport (NWCT) Community transport provider in the north of the District.  £5,500 01/04/19-31/03/22 01/04/19 Charity No 1126292
Company No 6438248
3VA Local CVS providing practical support to the 3rd Sector including a wide range of services. £15,000 01/04/18-31/03/21 01/04/18 Charity No 1096788
Company No 4637252
Care for the Carers Towards the cost of delivering activities for carers, identified by partners and prioritising those who have not benefited before.  £4,000 01/04/18-31/03/21 01/04/18 Charity No 1074906
Company No 3677361
Conservators of Ashdown Forest Managing and maintaining the forest including education and training, crime and anti-social behaviour. £10,000 01/04/18-31/03/21 01/04/18 Non profit organisation governed by an Act of Parliament
People Matter Employment support, training and coaching for long term unemployed and vulnerable people in Uckfield, Heathfield and Hailsham. £7,000 01/04/18-31/03/21 01/04/18 Charity No 1062467
Company No 3360047
Wealden Citizens’ Advice Bureau Providing advice services, including debt advice to the public in Crowborough, Hailsham and Uckfield. £165,000 01/04/18-31/03/21 01/04/18 Charity No 1090666
Company No 04287877
Applause – rural touring theatre performances Rural touring project which brings theatrical productions to venues such as pubs and communities which don’t have many artistic opportunities. The economic benefits are good and productions are accessible in terms of appeal and rural locations. £3,000 01/04/19-31/03/20 01/04/19 Company No 954753
SASBAH Providing support, activities, volunteering and skills to people with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, as well as other disabled people in the District. £4,000 01/04/19-31/03/20 01/04/19 Charity No.1175032
 Total SLAs  £271,000