Wealden District Council
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Exceptional Hardship Payments (EHP)

This fund has been set up to support our most vulnerable residents who are in receipt of Council Tax Reduction, but are still experiencing difficulties in paying the remaining liability.

This discretionary award is set up to provide short term relief and therefore should not be seen as a long term solution to debt / financial difficulties.

Before applying for this support you must ensure that you have taken all reasonable steps to resolve your own financial situation.

In order to be considered for this scheme, you must agree to;

  • Make an application for assistance using our online portal
  • Provide full details of your income and expenditure;
  • Accept assistance from either the Council or third parties such as the CAB or similar organisations to enable them to manage their finances more effectively, including the termination of non-essential expenditure;
  • Accept potential changes in payment methods and arrangements to assist the applicant;
  • Assist the Council to minimise liability by ensuring that all discounts, exemptions and reductions are properly granted; and
  • Maximise your income through the application for other welfare benefits, cancellation of non-essential contracts and outgoings and
  • Identifying the most economical tariffs for the supply of utilities and services generally.

We will not make any awards where;

  • Where full Council Tax liability is being met by Council Tax Reduction
  • For any reason other than to reduce Council Tax liability;
  • Where the Council considers that there are unnecessary expenses or debts and that the applicant has not taken reasonable steps to reduce these;
  • To offset any overpayment of Council Tax Reduction caused by the failure of the applicant to notify changes in circumstances in a timely manner or where the applicant has failed to act correctly or honestly; or
  • To cover previous years Council Tax arrears

To make an application please visit www.wealden.grantapproval.co.uk (external link)
If you have not registered with the portal before, you will need to do so and then enter Quick Code 658BPU and this will take you directly to the scheme.