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Lost And Found Pets In Wealden

I’ve lost my dog – what can I do?

  • Contact Animal Wardens Ltd on 01424 490034 who now deal with lost and found dogs in Wealden. If your dog has been found he/she may have been handed to them for safe keeping. A register of all lost dogs within the Wealden District is kept on our behalf by Animal Wardens Ltd and once they have your dogs details they will keep an eye out for him/her.
  • Walk the neighbourhood and retrace your last steps with your pet. Talk to people and leave your phone number in case anyone sees the dog. Make sure there is someone at home in case he wanders back, or someone finds him and tries to return him to you.
  • Prepare a simple poster with a photograph and ask local vets, pet shops, etc. to display it.
  • You may also like to consider publishing information in the ‘lost and found’ column of the local newspaper. Use the internet – there are various sites aimed at finding pets including those dedicated to locating particular breeds of dog.

When you have found your dog, please take time to advise the people who are helping to look for your pet and remove any unwanted posters.


Owners wanting to reclaim their dog from Animal Wardens Ltd will be required to pay charges before the dog is returned to them.

How can I stop my dog becoming a stray?

  • Make sure your garden is escape proof, check fences and hedges regularly – and if your dog can possibly push its way through – fix it now!
  • Make sure your dog always wears a collar and tag when out.
  • If your dog is inclined to run off, either keep it on a lead or train it to come when called.
  • Have your dog tattooed or micro-chipped to ensure easy identification if it does become lost. Contact your vet for further information on this.
  • If your dog charges for the front door when you open it, either put it in another room before you open the door or preferably train it not to.

What should I do if I find a stray dog?

If the dog is wearing a collar and tag, or you know where the dog lives, please attempt to return it to its owner in the first instance.

If this is not the case, please contact Animal Wardens Ltd on 01424 490034 who deal with lost dogs on behalf of Wealden District Council.

I’ve lost my cat what can I do?

In the case of a lost cat you should

  • First telephone the local Cats Protection on 03000 121212 (Mon-Fri 9-5pm) and any local animal rescue centres.
  • Try contacting your local vets to see if they have treated your cat.

I have found a stray cat what do I do?

  • Contact the Cats Protection (Eastbourne Adoption Centre) on 01323 440101 for advice, they may know who it belongs to or be able to help in some way.
  • Try local vets and local animal rescue centres.

How can I stop my cat becoming a stray?

All cat owners must have their cat microchipped by 10 June 2024 and owners found not to have microchipped their cat will have 21 days to have one implanted, or may face a fine of up to £500.

Useful telephone numbers:

  • Cats Protection – 08702 099099 (Mon-Fri 9-5pm)
  • National Cat Adoption Centre on 01825 741330 (open Mon-Sun)