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Buying Green Energy

Does going green really make a difference?

When you choose to go green you are sending a message to the market that you no longer want to consume fossil fuels. If everybody decided to go green the market would adapt to meet consumer demand. In effect you are using market forces to drive sustainable change.

Do I need to research the market before going green?

According to the consumer group Which, there are big differences in the levels of support committed to renewable electricity generation.

  • A small number companies offering renewable electricity actually own generating assets.
  • Some companies buy electricity directly from clean generators (using contracts called Power Purchase Agreements). These contracts provide funding for renewable generators and can help support growth in the market.
  • Others choose to buy electricity from the wholesale market and buy green certificates to make sure the amount of renewable electricity going into the system matches their customers usage.

View further information on green electricity. To go fully green you also need to consider the gas supply because gas tends to be a larger source of emissions. There are a handful of suppliers that offer carbon neutral gas.

Carbon Saving

How much carbon can I save by moving onto a tariff that offers renewable electricity or gas that has been carbon offset?

  • Approximately 1 tonne for electricity and 2 tonnes for gas.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

When you carbon offset you are investing in carbon reduction projects that balance the emissions you are emitting when you use electricity or gas at home and the fuel you use in your car.

What if I want to do more?

Call us on 01323 443322 and we will be happy to support you.