Housing Strategies, Policies and Plans

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Wealden District Council Tenancy Strategy

The Localism Act 2011 required Local Authorities to produce and publish a tenancy strategy by January 2013. The Strategy must set out the matters to which the registered providers of social housing operating in the district are to have regard to in formulating policies. Wealdens first Tenancy Strategy was approved in December 2012 and then more recently updated in 2017.

Housing Strategy 2020 to 2025

The Housing Strategy sets out Wealden District Council’s housing objectives and looks at how the Council and its partners are working to deliver these.

Homelessness Strategy 

The Homelessness Strategy 2020-23 sets out the Council’s priorities for tackling homelessness and rough sleeping in the district. 

Financial Inclusion Strategy

The strategy for Council tenants and leaseholders sets out how we will work to help those who currently are or who might be at risk of financial exclusion (lack of access or unaffordable financial services and insurance) including digital exclusion.

Tenant Involvement Strategy

The strategy establishes a framework for enabling Wealden District Council’s tenant and leaseholders to be consulted and effectively participate in the decision making process which affects them and the management of their homes.

Older Persons Housing and Support Strategy 

In partnership with East Sussex County Council, in 2008 Wealden District Council published an Older Persons Housing and Support Strategy.

HRA Older Persons Housing and Support Strategy

This strategy sets out how to ensure that the housing revenue account housing and relates services can meet the needs of older people now and in the future.

Vulnerable Tenants and Leaseholders Housing and Support strategy

This is the first Strategy produced by the housing service to set out how we will identify and help support our vulnerable tenants and retirement living leaseholders.

Affordable Warmth Strategy

The Affordable Warmth Strategy provides the context for Wealden’s work on Home Energy Efficiency and our commitment to improving energy efficiency in the District.

Housing Policies

Below are the current Housing Policies for the Housing Service.

Housing Services Health and Safety Policy

The purpose of this document is to clearly communicate standards of health and safety management throughout our housing stock, for our tenants, staff and contractors.

Housing Services Maintaining and Improving Neighbourhoods Policy

This neighbourhood policy outlines the Housing Services approach to working to improve neighbourhoods in which we own and manage housing.

HRA Anti Social Behaviour Policy 

This policy details the Council’s approach to dealing with complaints of antisocial behaviour.

Allocations Policy

The Allocations Policy sets out in detail the Council’s approach relating to the allocation of social housing in Wealden.

Succession Policy

This policy details who is entitled on the death of a tenant to take on that tenancy. 

Domestic Abuse Policy

The policy provides a framework setting out how the housing service will assist and support council tenants and retirement living leaseholders experiencing domestic abuse.

Tenancy Policy

Tenancy Policy details the Council’s approach to offering and reviewing flexible fixed term tenancies and was reviewed in 2017.

Transfer Incentive Scheme

This policy sets out the financial assistance that we provide to help households under-occupying their current property to move to a smaller one.

Tenant Rewards Scheme 2021

The Council are now in the second year of piloting a Tenant reward Scheme. The purpose of the Tenant Rewards Scheme is to two-fold. Firstly, to encourage and reward behaviours that the Council would like to promote e.g. tenant involvement, completing surveys etc. Secondly to deliver value for money for the HRA e.g. in terms of reduced void costs, improving access to enable gas servicing to be completed first time and to encourage payments by Direct Debit which has the lowest costs of processing.

Private Housing Financial Assistance Policy

This policy sets out the financial assistance available in the form of grants or loans towards help improving, repairs and adaptations of the private housing stock in the Wealden area.

Private Housing Enforcement Policy

The aim of this policy is to allow the consistent and fair enforcement of housing legislation to raise standards in the private housing sector.

Satellite Dish Policy

This Satellite Dish Policy provides questions and answers relating to your satellite dish.

Temporary Accommodation Policy

This policy has been developed in partnership with the other local authorities in East Sussex. It is an Appendix to our Homelessness and Rough Sleepers Strategy 2020-23. It sets out the five East Sussex councils’ policy for the placement of homeless households in emergency and temporary accommodation, both within District or Borough, and outside of the placement authority area.

East Sussex Temporary Accommodation Policy

Water Safety Policy

The Policy sets out the management approach providing, maintaining safe water systems and preventing infection from water systems within the Retirement Living Courts.

Housing Plans

HRA Business Plan

This Business Plan sets out our priorities for spending the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) budget and is supported by our annual HRA budget setting. The Plan sets out our four priorities which are to increase housing supply, make best use of our assets, maintain our homes and improve our estates and neighbourhoods.

Asset Management Plan 2017

The Housing and Property Services Department have developed and maintained this Plan for its housing stock. The latest version is effective to 2024 with an interim review.

Fencing Plan 2018

The aim of this Plan is to give a clear understanding of the obligations of both Wealden District Council and our tenants and leaseholders for the maintenance, repair and renewal of fencing and boundaries.