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Satellite Dish Question and Answers

The answer is that it probably is not! Certain blocks of flats, such as sheltered schemes have a communal television aerial but very few non-sheltered blocks of flats have communal aerials. If it is not a communal aerial, then responsibility for the aerial rests with the tenant. No satellite dishes are the responsibility of Wealden.

YES. You must seek permission in writing from your Housing Officer prior to installing a satellite dish as set out in the conditions of tenancy.

In all cases the satellite dish must be erected by a competent contractor and securely fixed.

You should ensure that your contents insurance includes Public Liability cover for any damage caused to persons or property by the installation. If it is not covered then you should have a separate policy giving Public Liability cover.

You need to apply for retrospective permission in writing to your Housing Officer. You will need to ensure you have Public Liability cover as detailed above.

A single household can install a satellite dish if it does not exceed 100cm in any dimension. A second of 60cm limit can also be installed without planning permission. This applies to most locations in Wealden.

But if the property is located in designated areas such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Conservation Area, the siting of the dish is more restricted without planning permission. The antenna may not be installed on a chimney, wall, or a roof slope which faces onto, and is visible from, a road.

If the aerial relates to a block of flats (as opposed to a house), the limit , without planning permission, involves 1x 100cm dish per block and 1x 60cm dish for the whole building.

There are other more specific possibilities and limits as set out in the following link to the Planning Portal, but the above are good ‘rules of thumb’.

Residents are advised to double check on this website, and can call the Planning Duty officer 9.30 am – 12.30 pm weekdays if they need clarification on 01892 602011.


You will be liable for any making good. Failure to carry out remedial works will result in the Council undertaking the work and recharging the cost to you.

You will be required to immediately remove/make good the dish, failure to do so will result in the Council removing the dish for health and safety reasons and you will be recharged for the cost.

We will advise you of repairs that need to be completed, proposed start date and duration of the repairs. You will need either:

  • To dismantle and refix the satellite dish/cabling at your own expense to permit the works to proceed as planned
  • The Council will dismantle and refix the satellite dish and recharge you for the cost
  •  Providing the work/scaffolding can be undertaken around the dish the equipment may remain but there may be a loss of signal and no liability will be held for any damage to the equipment.

You are responsible for arranging and paying for the safe removal of the dish.

If a satellite dish remains after you have left the Council will remove it as part of the void process and recharge you the cost of removal and any making good.