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Tenant Satisfaction

Tenant and Leaseholder Satisfaction Survey (known as STAR)

During the summer of 2020 our council tenants and retirement living leaseholders were sent a standardised satisfaction survey asking them about their views on the services that we provide as a housing provide service.

These satisfaction surveys are carried out approximately every 3 years with the last survey in 2016/17. Most of the questions are standardised so that housing providers can compare their performance against other providers, although we did ask a few  additional questions to help us tailor our services to tenants and leaseholders needs.

By the time that the survey closed, 1,010 responses were received from the 2953 surveys that went out representing a 34% response rate.

For the first time we had more responses online at 588 compared to 422 by post. Email responses therefore making up 58% of all responses compared to just 8% in 2016/17.

Why carry out these surveys?

Apart from allowing the Council to compare it’s performance the results  highlight what we are currently doing well, but also help us to identify where improvements in the services can be made.

The key findings of the survey were:

Taking everything into account, 90% of tenants/leaseholders are satisfied with the service provided by Wealden District Council as it’s landlord. This has remained static and has been at 90% since 2013.

Satisfaction 5 Core and 15 recommended Housemark Questions2020 Results2017 Responses
Overall satisfaction with services provided by Wealden90%90%
Satisfaction that rent provides value for money90%90%
Satisfaction that service charges provide value for money70%77%
Likelihood of recommending Wealden to family or friends on a scale of 0 to 10

91% answered between 8-10

79% 8,9 or 10 and

49% answered 10

new question
Satisfaction with the overall quality of home84%86%
Satisfaction that home is safe and secure86%new question
Satisfaction with neighbourhood as a place to live88%88%
General satisfaction with the way Wealden deals with repairs and maintenance82%85%
Satisfaction with the repairs service received this time (if a repair has been reported in the past 12 months)80%new question
Satisfaction that the repair was completed right the first time (if a repair has been reported in the past 12 months)78%new question
Satisfaction that Wealden is easy to deal with86%new question
Satisfaction that Wealden listens to residents’ views and acts on them70%66%
Satisfaction that Wealden gives opportunities to residents to make their views known71%79%
Satisfaction with call handling (if you have contacted us within the past 12 months)86%new question
Satisfaction that Wealden are easy to deal with on last contact (if you have contacted us within the past 12 months)85%new question
Satisfaction with complaint handling (if one has been reported in the past 12 months)54%new question
Satisfaction with the final outcome of the complaint (if one has been reported in the past 12 months)49%new question
Satisfaction with anti-social behaviour complaint  handling (if one has been reported in the past 12 months)45%46%
Satisfaction with the final outcome of anti-social behaviour complaint (if one has been reported in the past 12 months)42%57%
Satisfaction with the lettings process (if moved within the past 12 months)77%new question
Non-Housemark Questions  
Which of 4 options should the Council prioritise when spending money in forthcoming years

40% chose to increase the work we do on existing homes

27% to build or acquire new council homes

17% to improve the energy efficiency of existing council homes

16% to improve our estates and neighbourhoods

new question
Have you recently enquired or sought advice about housing adaptions?13% answered yesnew question
Out of 6 options which are your preferred way of being represented and consulted (up to 3 out of 6 options could be selected)

63% responding to surveys and consultation

25% through a local community group or association

16% taking part in online meetings and discussions

16% attending meetings and information events on specific issues

14% focus and working groups to look at specific items

9% group consisting of members of existing groups and associations

new question

How do we compare to other landlords?

The survey used is new and was only released late Spring 2020 by Housemark after a lengthy review. As a result there is currently no comparable data available. Once this is available around June 2021 we will update this section so you can see how Wealden as your landlord compares to other social landlords.

You can also view and download a copy of the full report which breaks down all the results by age, gender, property type/tenure STAR Report 2020