Wealden District Council
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I’m an Existing Tenant

Here you will find lots of useful information about being a council tenant and living in your council home.

Antisocial Behaviour

This details what Anti Social Behaviour is, how to report it and the Council’s approach to dealing with it.

Buying My Home – Right To Buy

For details on the current right to buy scheme.

Contacting My Housing Officer

How to contact my housing officer.

Disabled Adaptations in a Council Property

If you require adaptations to your council property here you can find out about the assessment and process for having works carried out.

Domestic Abuse

Advice on the services available if you or someone you know are experiencing domestic.

Energy Efficiency

Advice and information on energy efficiency solutions for your home including information on the Winter Home Check service.

Fire Safety

Advice and information on fire safety. Including a video showing you the different sounds of your heat and carbon monoxide detectors so you know what action to take.

Getting Involved

Information on my local resident groups and how to get involved in my local community.


Here you can find the handbook relevant to your tenancy. The handbook contains everything you need to know about living in your Council home.

Support Services

Details what housing related support services are available.

Moving On

Details on giving up my tenancy and moving to another home (mutual exchanges and transfers).

My Estate

Information on maintaining my estate including grounds maintenance, communal cleaning and estate walkabouts.

Opportunities & Skills and Financial Advice

Details on initiatives such as Street Learning, advice and support to find employment as well as budgeting and much more.

My Tenancy

Information on different types of tenancies offered by the council and associated rights and responsibilities.

Regulation of Social Landlords

Find out how landlords such as the council are regulated.

Paying My Rent And Service Charges

Information on how to pay my rent and service charges as well as what happens if I am having difficulties paying.

Renting a Council Garage

Advice on renting a council garage.

Repairs, Maintenance and Improvement Works

Details on reporting a repair, what repairs I am responsible for and much more as well as how the council maintains and improves properties.

Retirement Living

For information on properties designed for people aged 60 or over available from the council.