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Housing Consultations

We feel it’s important that you have a chance to have your say about the policies that affect you and we are committed to making consultation a key part of the way in which we plan and deliver our services. This is achieved by carrying out consultations and surveys with tenants, leaseholders, housing applicants and a wide range of other stakeholders in order for us to help improve our services.

Our Consultation Diary will let you find out more about consultations that Wealden is planning or which you are able to have your say on now. It also stores completed consultations from 2009 onwards, so that you can see the results and what suggested improvements we have been able to introduce.

Keep up to date with the latest Housing consultations and Surveys, or view the results from those completed through our Consultation Diary.

Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Strategy 

The Council are required to undertake a homelessness review to understand homelessness in the local area. This is used to inform the homelessness strategy, which is a strategy for:

  • preventing homelessness.
  • ensuring that sufficient accommodation  is available for people who are or may become homeless.
  • providing satisfactory support for people who are or may become homeless, or who need support to prevent them becoming homeless again. 

We must undertake this process every 5 years.  We have undertaken our detailed review and developed a draft strategy ready for consultation.

We are consulting on a new strategy. The strategy has been embedded into a survey for ease which can be accessed here. 

Please give us your views.

Secure Tenants only 

As a public landlord, we are obliged to maintain appropriate arrangements to enable any of our secure tenants who are likely to be substantially affected by changes to a matter of housing management;

(a) To be informed of the proposals

(b) To make their views known within a specified period

Before making any decision on the matter, we shall consider any representations made in respect of the proposals within the specified time.

A matter of housing management is one that relates to;

(a) The management, maintenance, improvement or demolition of dwelling-houses let to our secure tenancies, or

(b) The provision of services or amenities in connection with these dwelling-houses;

It does not relate to the rent payable under a secure tenancy or to charges for services or facilities provided.

Such changes could represent;

(a) A new programme of maintenance, improvement or demolition, or

(b) A change in the practice or policy of the authority.

There are a number of ways in which we may consult residents:

  • Formal written consultation
  • By convening a workshop/focus group
  • Contact via our website
  • Through our newsletter/Threshold
  • Through a questionnaire
  • Contract by phone
  • At face-face-discussions
  • By presenting at meetings or through local resident groups
  • By asking individuals or groups to address the council
  • Notification to formally recognised Resident Associations.

However, in the case where we believe our secure tenants are likely to be substantially affected by changes, the method of consultation must involve a formal written consultation.

In these circumstances:

  1. We will either write individually to all affected residents to them at their home address or, if the proposed change affects all secure tenants, we may insert a notice in the tenant magazine, Threshold.
  2. We will give a minimum of 28 days for any secure tenant to make observations or representations, and we will specify the date when this 28 day period will end.
  3. We will also give an address where the observation or representation can be sent. Where circumstances allow, we will also give an e-mail address where these responses can be forwarded.
  4. We will notify the relevant Residents’ Association, where one exists, giving the Association the opportunity to make observations and representations within the same consultation period.
  5. We will consider any observations before making a decision on the proposal.
  6. We will notify the affected secure tenants of the decision.

The reason we do not e-mail or text formal written consultations is that we do not hold e-mail and text addresses for all our secure tenants, and unfortunately, these methods of communication does not always provide proof of service.

It is essential to note that when we consult, it is often, but not always, where we need to make some change or changes.  This could be for reasons beyond our control.  It is important that we receive observations and comments before we make a decision.  However, a consultation is rarely a vote on what may be the most popular outcome.  If we are asking for a vote on options and will proceed with the most popular, then we will make this very clear in the consultation.

No decision will ever be made;

  1. Before the end of the consultation period, and
  2. Before representations, comments and observations have been considered.

We have a number of other types of tenure within our stock.  The method consultation arrangements above does apply to demoted tenants.

Where appropriate, we will include other tenure types with these consultation arrangements.

Please note that separate consultation procedures apply to leaseholders with regard to works, services and qualifying long term agreements.

These arrangements replace and expand upon those included in the previous Tenants’ Compact.