Wealden District Council
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Local Authority Housing Data

What data is available publicly on Wealden’s Housing Service from the statistical returns that we do for central Government?

Information about new council tenants

You can access quarterly information via CORE  Analyse CORE Data (communities.gov.uk) on people that are moving into the properties owned by the Council including:

  • Type of tenancy that they have been issued
  • Gender and age bracket they fall within (lead tenant) as well as economic status, ethnicity, nationality
  • Household composition
  • Whether they are new to social housing
  • Whether they have moved from another local authority area
  • Average household income
  • Average rental charge
  • Whether they were homeless before moving into the council property
  • How long the council property was empty before the household moved in

Homelessness statistics and Rough Sleepers Statistics

Quarterly statistics are available for England and at a local level on the Homelessness statistics  GOV.UK website  including:

  • Number of homeless applications and outcomes, including household composition, use of temporary accommodation and reasons for any priority need (e.g. pregnancy, mental health issues etc.).
  • Number of cases of homelessness which has been prevented or relived
  • Numbers of rough sleepers

General Housing statistics relating to our Council homes

Access to annual information can be viewed on the  Local authority housing data  GOV.UK website including:

  • Stock breakdown, changes to stock from the previous year and stock value
  • Disposal of any stock
  • Households on the waiting list and a breakdown of the size accommodation required
  • Details of homeless households on the waiting list and the reason for their homelessness
  • Lettings to council properties by type of tenancy and whether general needs or Retirement Living and mutual exchanges
  • Vacant properties and length of time that they have been vacant
  • Stock condition – council stock and decent homes, energy efficiency works and cost of these.
  • Stock condition – Details on number of Houses in Multiple Occupation, private rented properties with a category 1 hazard under the Housing, Health and Safety Rating System and loans and grants to private sector.
  • Re-let times for our properties
  • Evictions for rent arrears and antisocial behaviour
  • Recovery of illegally sublet council homes
  • Details on rent collection, rent loss and arrears
  • Delivery of new social housing including new council homes (excludes those recorded elsewhere for example those receiving Government Grant and reported back to Homes England). Includes those funded through the use of recycled Right to Buy receipts

Information on Social Housing stock and rents

View annual information on the average cost of low cost (social rents) and affordable rents, including by number of bedrooms and whether general needs or supported (retirement living) accommodation on the Local authority registered provider social housing stock in England  GOV.UK website

Local authority capital expenditure and financing in England

View annual information on local authority’s income and expenditure including for both the Housing Revenue Account and Housing General Fund (which funds services such as homelessness and housing advice and private housing assistance and enforcement)  on the Local authority capital expenditure and financing in England: 2020 to 2021 individual local authority data forecast  GOV.UK website.

Including data on:

  • Capital housing receipts e.g. from the sale of assets
  • Expenditure including money spent on grants and loans

New Homes delivery

View annual information about the delivery of new social housing right down top local authority level that have been funded through a grant from Homes England on the  Housing Statistics 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021  GOV.UK website.