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Single Residential Caravan Sites

Conditions For Single Residential Caravan Sites


  1. The number of caravans stationed on the site for the purposes of human habitation at any one time shall not exceed one.


  1. The caravan may be stationed only on that part of the land edged pink on the plan attached thereto.


  1. The boundaries of the site shall be clearly


  1. The caravan shall be not less than three (3) metres inside any boundary of the said land and (10) metres from any County road or public right of


  1. The caravan shall stand on a suitable hardstanding which shall extend over the whole area occupied by the caravan placed upon it, and shall project a sufficient distance outwards from its entrance or entrances to enable occupants to enter and leave safely.


  1. Where the approach to the caravan is across ground which may become difficult or dangerous to negotiate in wet weather, the caravan standing shall be connected to a carriage by a footpath with a hard surface and not less than

0.75 metres in width.


  1. (a) The caravan shall be within forty five (45) metres of a public highway or road of sufficient width and structure to carry a 5 tonne fire appliance.


  • The caravan shall not be sited within six (6) metres of any construction or stacked storage.


  • A multi-purpose dry powder extinguisher of a minimum 2Kg capacity or an AFF type extinguisher with a rating of at least 13A shall be provided inside and adjacent to the caravan entrance door and be subject to regular


  • A self-contained smoke alarm conforming to British Standard 5446 shall be provided between sleeping and living accommodation and be subject to regular testing and maintenance.


  • Long grass and vegetation shall be cut at frequent and regular intervals where necessary to prevent it becoming a fire hazard. Any such cuttings shall be removed from the vicinity of the The space beneath the caravan shall not be used for the storage of combustible materials.


  • LPG storage supplied from a tank shall comply with guidance booklet HSG34 “The Storage of LPG at Fixed Installations” or where LPG is supplied from cylinders with guidance note CS4 “The Keeping of LPG in Cylinders and Similar Containers” as appropriate. Any LPG installations shall conform to British Standard 5482 “Code of Practice for Domestic Butane and Propane Gas Burning Installations part 2: 1977 Installations in Caravans and Non-permanent Dwellings”.


  1. (a) The site shall be provided with an electricity supply sufficient in all respects to meet the reasonable demands of the caravan situated on it.


  • The electrical installation, or other Electricity Board works and circuits subject to regulations made by the Secretary of State under Section 16 of the Energy Act 1983 and Section 64 of the Electricity Act 1947 shall be installed, tested and maintained in accordance with the provisions of the Institution of Electrical Engineers Regulations for electrical installations for the time being in force and, where appropriate, the standards which would be acceptable for the purposes of the Electricity Supply Regulations 1988, Statutory Instrument 1988 1057.


  • Work on the electrical installation and appliances shall be carried out only by competent persons such as the manufacturer’s appointed agent, the electricity supplier, a professionally qualified electrical engineer, a member of the Electrical Contractor’s Association, a contractor approved by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting or a qualified person acting on behalf of one of the above. The installation shall be inspected periodically under IEE Wiring Regulations every year or, in the case of underground installations, every three When an installation is inspected it shall be judged against the current regulations.


  • The inspector shall, within one month of such an inspection, issue an inspection certificate in the form prescribed in IEE Wiring Regulations which shall be retained by the licence holder and displayed, supplemented or replaced by subsequent certificates with the site The cost of the inspection and report shall be met by the licence holder.


  • If an inspection reveals that an installation no longer complies with the regulations extant at the time it was first installed any deficiencies shall be rectified. Any major alterations and extensions to an installation under all parts of the existing installation affected by them shall comply with the latest version of the IEE Wiring


  1. The site shall be provided with a water supply in accordance with appropriate water byelaws and statutory quality


  1. Satisfactory provision shall be made for foul drainage either by connection to a public sewer or, where no sewer is available, by discharge to a properly constructed septic tank or cesspool approved by the council which shall be emptied regularly as necessary.


  1. The caravan shall have its own water supply and water closet. The caravan standing shall be provided with a connection to the foul drainage system.


  1. The site and hardstanding shall be provided with an adequate drainage system for the complete and hygienic disposal of foul, rain and surface water from the site, caravan, roads and footpaths.


  1. The caravan shall have a refuse bin with a close fitting lid of a type approved by the council, and arrangements shall be made for the bin to be emptied


regularly in accordance with the council’s approved method for the time being in force in the District.


  1. Trees and shrubs shall be planted, replanted and maintained as necessary to the reasonable satisfaction of the council for preserving or enhancing the amenity of the site.


  1. Any caravan which is derelict or unfit for human habitation shall be removed from the site.


  1. At any time when a caravan is stationed on the site for the purposes of human habitation no other structures or vehicles of any description whatsoever or tents shall be placed or erected on the site except as required or permitted by this licence without the prior consent in writing of the Council which consents shall not be unreasonably withheld. (The granting of such consent will not relieve the applicant from also obtaining planning permission or building regulations approval as may be required from the appropriate authority).


  1. Any works required to be carried out to the site by reason of the requirements of any condition of this licence shall be carried out to the satisfaction of the Council as soon as possible and in any case within