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Extreme Weather Advice

The United Kingdom has one of the most capable forecasting and warning systems in the world but extreme weather events can still cause disruption.

The following information provide help and advice on Power Cuts, Flooding, Extreme Heat and Winter Weather

Severe weather warnings

Severe Weather Warnings are issued by the Met Office  when severe weather is expected to cause disruption to traffic etc. over a specified period of time. They are broadcast on both TV and radio, they are also published on the Met Office website.


Flood warnings are issued by the Environment Agency, view our flooding page more more information.

Power Cuts

Make a ‘power cut kit’ of essential items that can be easily found and used. This might include:

  • torches
  • emergency blankets
  • wind up radios
  • spare power packs for your phones
  • keep your freezer door closed as food can last up to 24 hours
  • turn off and unplug any non-essential electrical equipment
  • leave one light on so that you know when power is restored
  • keep warm by staying in one room and wearing several layers of clothing
  • keep an eye on any elderly or ill neighbours.

View further information on

Extreme Heat

Colder weather

The Wealden Salting and Gritting Policy policy sets out the priorities for salting, gritting and snow clearing when conditions of ice and snow demand.