Equalities Objectives

Equality of opportunity is central to the Council’s objectives and values.

  1. Strengthen our knowledge and understanding of Wealden communities
    As a council we want to provide high quality and accessible services that deliver what matters most to our diverse communities. Good quality information is key to making well-informed decisions, which in turn impact on the suitability and quality of services.
  2. Strive To Ensure Our Workforce Represents The People We Serve
    We will continue to promote inclusion, fairness and accessibility with our staff. Having a representative workforce helps us deliver services that are accessible, appropriate and which reduce inequalities.
  3. Lead the District in Celebrating Diversity and Promoting Inclusion
    We want to lead the District in celebrating and promoting the diversity of our
    communities. We will continue to promote inclusion, fairness and accessibility, whilst raising the profile of the Wealden District as a great place to live, work and visit.
  4. Break The Cycle of Inequality and Improve Life Chances
    We know that some groups experience poorer life chances than others and that poverty can be a significant factor in determining life chances and wellbeing. At a local and national level there are also areas of persistent inequality which remain a considerable challenge. We will continue to focus on those in greatest need to ensure that people can access services and support that works for them.

How We Will Deliver These Objectives

These proposed new equality objectives cut across the services we provide as a District Council. In the period up to May 2023, we will deliver our objectives through projects, policies and strategies that shape how we deliver services. Where we are not direct providers of services which impact on our communities, we will work with our partners and other organisations to improve equality and the health and wellbeing of people in our District.

Each year, through our Annual Equality Report, we will provide an update on each of the four objectives, including how we are delivering and the outcomes. Our Annual Equality Report will also in future include relevant data on our workforce diversity.

The objectives will be reviewed every four years and are monitored every year through the Equalities Report.