Equalities Objectives

Equality of opportunity is central to the Council’s objectives and values.

The aim of the Wealden Corporate Equality Objectives (2014-2018) are to set out how we will ensure that all our services and employment opportunities are provided with equity and fairness to everyone.

The Council has worked in partnership with Rother District Council to set the following equality objectives in accordance with both councils Corporate Objectives at the time.

Corporate Objective:

Maintaining the Quality of Life and Increasing Prosperity 

Equality Objectives:

  • Embed the equality objectives through the procurement & contract life cycle process.
  • Complete equality impact assessments on new projects and consultation and engagement with identified groups.
  • Supporting others in reducing rural isolation by developing local transport solutions with partners and by improving access to the internet across the districts
  • Ensure all residents; particularly those who are vulnerable are able to access state benefits and financial support provided by the Councils.
  • Ensure residents affected by Welfare Reforms have access to support and sources of advice
  • We will continue to monitor reports of hate crime and deliver the councils responsibilities
  • Following consultation and engagement with local communities to facilitate the delivery of economic and housing growth to assist in reducing economic disparities to meet the needs of all who live or wish to live in the Districts by providing greater opportunities for residents to access suitable housing, local jobs, services, facilities and leisure and recreational facilities.

Corporate Objective:

Enhancing our surroundings 

Equalities Objectives:

  • Ensure that all council services, information, communications consultation activities and events are as accessible as is reasonably practicable to provide.
  • Ensure that where refurbishments works are carried out to the councils’ own buildings consideration is given to improving accessibility inside and out
  • Promote healthy lifestyles and encourage more people to take up sport or active recreation regardless of their personal characteristics.
  • Protect and improve the Districts’ urban and rural landscape and protect, enhance and improve accessibility to green infrastructure (including the landscape, countryside, leisure and recreation provision) to benefit all members of the local community and visitors to the Districts.

Corporate Objective:

Ensuring Value for Money

Equalities Objectives:

  • Ensure a programme is in place for customers’ access needs to be recorded at first point of contact by Customer Services.
  • There should be equality principles in all service level agreements and community grant applications
  • All actions in the Equality Objectives should be included in each service plan.
  • All staff and Councillors to undertake equality and diversity training to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities in relation to equalities service delivery and the workplace.
  • Capture updated customer equality data on relevant systems within the Councils and tailored to services as appropriate.

The objectives will be reviewed every four years and are monitored every year through the Equalities Report.

If you would like advice or information about the Wealden Equality Scheme please contact the Equalities Officer using the contact details below.