Equalities Objectives

Equality of opportunity is central to the Council’s objectives and values 2022-25.

  1. Ensure all those who form part of the Council, or act on its behalf, take equalities and inclusion into consideration in every aspect of our work, the services we provide and the way we behave towards one another.
  2. Ensure that we are fair to all and the needs of people with protected characteristics are considered when making changes to policies or services.
  3. Ensure that the voice of all communities is heard and taken into account when decisions are being made.
  4. Empower more people with protected characteristics to live safe, healthy and independent lives

How We Will Deliver These Objectives

These proposed new equality objectives cut across the services we provide as a District Council. In the period between 2022-25, we will deliver our objectives through projects, policies and strategies that shape how we deliver services. Where we are not direct providers of services which impact on our communities, we will work with our partners and other organisations to improve equality and the health and wellbeing of people in our District.

Each year, through our Annual Equality Report, we will provide an update on each of the four objectives, including how we are delivering and the outcomes. Our Annual Equality Report will also in future include relevant data on our workforce diversity.

The objectives will be reviewed every four years and are monitored every year through the Corporate Equality Objectives 2022-25