Wealden District Council
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How To Apply

Hello there

Thanks for wanting to join our amazing #teamwealden.  We are glad you’re here and want to help guide you to make the application your best.

The online form will cover four main sections, these are:

  • About You
  • Your Experience
  • Your Background
  • Your Personal Statement

Take your time to complete your application, just keep an eye on the closing date so you don’t miss it.

We need to know who you are!  To start your application off, begin by letting us know your name and contact details, some basic personal information and where you found out about the vacancy.

At this stage, we would like to know of any current and/or previous positions you have held which are relevant to this job.

Don’t worry about lots of detail here, that will come in Your Personal Statement section towards the end of your application.  For now, you just need employer names, your job title at the time and the dates you work(ed) there.

We also know that life happens sometimes, and you may have been on a career break, not been in work for a while or perhaps just left full time education.  We’d still like to know, so don’t worry about any gaps, just include them in your application.

This section tells us about your skills journey so far.  You can add details here about any courses and/or qualifications you have completed which will help you to be successful in this job.

Your statement will tell us why you decided to apply for this position.

A good personal statement will boost your application and enable you to get an interview, so to make yours stand out against the rest it is best to think about the following:

  • Make sure that what you write matches the person specification or job description. Concentrate on telling us about the skills you have that we need in this job.
  • The job description gives you an indication of what to expect when doing the job itself. The person specification looks at what is needed to be most successful in it.
  • Give us examples of how you have achieved some of the job requirements in the past. Try to be as specific as you can, it will really help us to see how you would manage the job.  Don’t forget to include the outcomes of your examples, what worked, what didn’t, what would you do differently.
  • Don’t forget your transferable skills. So you don’t have an NVQ 5 in Leadership and Management, but you do have experience working as the organiser of volunteer events in the community where you had to lead a team, be adaptable, problem solve and have strong communication skills. All good stuff we would love to know about.
  • It doesn’t all need to be formal. As long as you highlight skills relevant to the job, you can use examples from:
    • work
    • home
    • social activities
    • volunteering
  • Be prepared to tailor your personal statement to the job you are applying for, one size does not fit all! We are interested to know how you can use what you know to the best effect at WDC.
  • Be flexible. If the job you are applying for is different from your background or experience, tell us why this job stood out for you. What would it bring you that you don’t already have and how do you see yourself being successful in this job.
  • Be honest – if you don’t meet all the essential criteria, explain what areas of development you would need. We invest highly in our people, so we won’t be put off if you need our support in some aspects.