Street Naming And Numbering

Legal Responsibilities

Wealden District Council, under the Public Health Act 1925 (Sections 17-19), has the legal responsibility to ensure that all streets are named and all properties are numbered.

Under the Local Government Act 2003 (Section 93), the Council reserves the right to charge for non discretionary services.

View our Street Naming and Numbering Policy for more details.

The Council’s Powers

The Council has the power to approve or reject street names and property addresses which are submitted by developers and the general public, or to prescribe its own addressing schemes.

Why do we have this?

The purpose of this control is to ensure that new street names and property numbers and names comply fully with the Local Land & Property Gazetteer address standard BS7666-2006.


This control allows for:

  • The emergency services to locate an address quickly.
  • The efficient delivery of mail.
  • The reliable delivery of services and goods.

Geographical Addresses and Postal Addresses

There will be occasions where an address does not match a Royal Mail postal address.  This is because the Council addresses properties to be as geographically correct as possible and always includes the name of the closest named road to the property.  A Royal Mail address may not always include the road name and addresses properties on the postal address file (PAF) to suit their postal delivery service.  The two addresses should not be confused.

Please note that the Council is not responsible for the allocation of postcodes.

Street Naming and Numbering Information

In this section you can find information on the following:

New Street Nameplates

The provision of street nameplates for new streets is the responsibility of the developer, for further information relating to the street nameplate specification please email

Street Nameplate Maintenance

The repair and maintenance of street nameplates for adopted streets in the Wealden District is looked after by the planning department. This Council can maintain street nameplates for private streets but there may be a cost involved.

If you wish to report a damaged or missing street nameplate within the Wealden District please contact .