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Researching to Inform Heritage Statements

Your Heritage Statement is to be provided in addition to consulting the East Sussex Heritage Environment Record (HER). The consultation with the HER should be used to inform your Heritage Statement, which will need to demonstrate your understanding of the significance of the Heritage Asset and how the understanding of this significance has informed your proposals.

Other Research Opportunities

In addition to consultation with the HER, you can undertake research yourself to help inform your Heritage Statement, and a guide to what could be referenced or undertaken by yourself is as follows:

  • check historic maps;
  • check historic photos on national and local history websites and archives;
  • view local and national records at The Keep, the East Sussex County Records Office in Brighton;
  • check the statutory List for England, local lists and the Historic England archive, otherwise called the National Monuments Record (NMR);
  • check with other relevant sources of local information that would provide an understanding of the history of the place (building or site) and the value the asset holds for society. You may find it helpful to contact your local history societies or museums

Guidance on understanding significance of Heritage Assets

You may also find it useful to access the following documents on understanding significance of Heritage Assets produced by Historic England: