Advice on Works to a Listed Building

Wealden District Council does not provide advice on Listed Buildings located within the South Downs National Park. Please refer to the South Downs National Park website  for further advice and information.

Historic England Advice

Historic England has a wealth of advice on works to listed buildings, from extensions, to alterations and repair. Further advice can be accessed on the Historic England website .

Historic England has published recent guidance about listed building consent as an application process and on how to judge whether proposals need consent including advice on when and how to apply for listed building consent.

In addition to the advice above, Historic England has further advice on common works to listed buildings for homeowners and traditional farm building.

You may benefit from the services of an independent heritage consultant. While we cannot recommend any particular company, the following websites may be useful:

Wealden Design Guide

If you are considering submitting an application to extend or alter a listed building , you are advised to look at the Wealden Design Guide – Chapter 12,  a Supplementary Planning Document, the purpose of which is to encourage a higher standard of design for development within the District. This chapter provides specific advice to help you through the process of submitting applications and to provide help in ensuring proposals are sympathetic to these special buildings.

General advice on preparing an application

The Council would expect that any proposals are informed by an understanding of the significance of the listed building. Historic England provides guidance on understanding significance:

You may also find it useful to view our Heritage Statement webpage.

Information required to support applications can be found within the Validation Requirements document.

Pre-application advice

If you require formal confirmation that Listed Building Consent will not be required please submit an application for a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed works to a Listed Building.

Visit our pre-application advice services page to apply for advice related to Listed Buildings.