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Land at Bird in Eye Document Library

Appellant: Croudace Homes LTD

Appeal Reference: APP/C1435/W/22/3307820

Inquiry Opens: 12 September 2023

Proposal: Outline planning application for the erection of up to 290 dwellings, associated landscaping, informal open space and Strategic SANG, with access from the B2102.

15 May 2023Start of Inquiry Procedure
22 May 2023Questionnaire and Notifications by Letter Issued
19 June 2023Deadline for Interested Party Comments and Rule 6 Statements
26 June 2023Casework Management Conference held
5 August 2023Re-Consultation comments due
15 August 2023Deadline for all Proofs of Evidence and Core Documents (except Planning and Highways)
22 August 2023Notification of Inquiry Details Letter to be issued
23 August 2023Highways & Planning Proofs of Evidence and Statements of Common Ground due
5 September 2023Time estimates, draft Section 106 agreement, and CIL Compliance Statement due
12 September 2023Inquiry Opens and will be held for 8 Days

View the Case File

You can view the Planning Application case file which includes the original submitted application form, plans, supporting information, officer report and representations through this link.

Further to the Case Management Conference (see summary note), the documents listed below relate to new documentation provided by the appellant as part of this appeal.

The Inquiry will consider these revised plans/evidence. 

Bus Stop Improvements and Speed Limit Extension – Plan No. 5330/016 Rev. H

Framfield Road Improvements Sheet 1 of 2 – Plan No. 5330/017 Rev. H

Framfield Road Improvements Sheet 2 of 2 – Plan No. 5330/018 Rev. J

Site Access Arrangement – Plan 5330/021 Rev K

Outline Drainage Strategy – Plan SK05 Rev A

Accompanying Drainage Technical Note

While the Council raised concerns that, as a result of these changes, the development changed and an opportunity to consult should be triggered. The Planning Inspectorate agreed. 

We ran a consultation for 21 days which ended on the 5 August 2023 by way of Site Notice and writing to all those who originally submitted a representation to the planning application. 

The Inquiry timetable is a draft version and is subject to changes throughout Inquiry proceedings. View the current timetable draft below.

21 September 2023: Draft Timetable V8

As part of their Proofs of Evidence, the Appellant provided Amended Access Plan.5330/021 Rev P . This matter was discussed at the Inquiry and a ruling was made on 13 September 2023. 

View the Inspector’s ruling

Appeal Notification Letters

Proofs of Evidence 

Core Documents

The Core Documents List was updated on the 7 September 2023 with additional documents. The documents added are referred to in the East Sussex County Council Proof of Evidence as follows:

  • CDI.21 – CIHT ‘Designing for Walking’ (2005) 
  • CDI.22 – LTN 1/20 ‘Cycle Infrastructure Design’ (2020) 

The Core Documents List was updated on 11 September 2023 with additional documents. These documents are as follows: 

  • CDK.26 – Land east of Waites Lane at Wakeham’s Farm, Pett Level Road , Fairlight Cove, East Sussex APP/U1430/W/21/3283287 (19 July 2022)
  • CDH 7 – Design and Construction Guidance 2022.
  • CDL.1(i) – National Planning Policy Framework (September 2023)

View the Core / Schedule of Inquiry Documents List 

CD Document
CDA.1 Planning Application Form and Certificates
CDA.2 Supporting Planning Statement (Woolf Bond)
CDA.3 Design and Access Statement (Paul Brown Architects)
CDA.4 Site Location Plan No. PRB/BIE/PA1L
CDA.5 Illustrative Site Layout Plan No. PRB/BIE/PA2N
CDA.6 Opportunities & Constraints Plan No. PRB/BIE/PA3C
CDA.7 Indicative Parameter/Land Use Plan No. PRB/BIE/PA4C
CDA.8 Landscape Strategy and SANG Design Plan No. CSA/2646/114 Rev L
CDA.9 Proposed Access – Right Turn Lane Plan No. 5330/021 Rev H
CDA.10 Indicative Street Scenes Plan No. PRB/BIE/PA7B
CDA.11 Surface Water Drainage Outfall Photo Plan No. 48494/2002/SK02
CDA.12 Surface Water Drainage Outfall Concept Design Plan No. 48494/2002/SK01 Rev A
CDA.13 Energy Statement (Energist)
CDA.14 Air Quality Assessment and Emissions Mitigation Assessment (SLR)
CDA.15 Transport Assessment (Bellamy Roberts)
CDA.16 Travel Plan (Bellamy Roberts)
CDA.17 Road Safety Audit (Fenley)
CDA.18 Flood Risk Assessment (Drainage Strategy and SuDS Report) (Stantec)
CDA.19 Utilities Appraisal (Stantec)
CDA.20 Ecological Impact Appraisal (CSA Environmental)
CDA.21 Biodiversity Net Gain Report (CSA Environmental)
CDA.22 Biodiversity Checklist (CSA Environmental)
CDA.23 SANG Design and Framework Management Plan (CSA Environmental)
CDA.24 Statement of Information to Inform Habitats Regulation Assessment (CSA Environmental Ltd)
CDA.25 Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (CSA Environmental)
CDA.26 Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Tree Survey (Barton Hyett Associates & CSA Environmental)
CDA.27 Agricultural Land Circumstances and Quality Report (CSA Environmental)
CDA.28 Archaeological Desk Based Assessment (RPS)
CDA.29 Heritage Statement (RPS)
CDA.30 Land Contamination Assessment (Ground Conditions) (Land Science)
CDA.31 Draft Heads of Terms for Legal Agreement (Wolf Bond Planning)
CDA.32 Statement of Community Involvement (Woolf Bond Planning)
CDA.33 Flooding and Drainage Response (Stantec) (4 Nov 2021)
CDA.34 Covering letter from WBP to LPA (2 Dec 2021)
CDA.35 Arboricultural Response Note – Barton Hyett Associates (29 Nov 2021)
CDA.36 Geophysical Survey Report (Sumo) (Dec 2021)
CDA.37 Covering email from WBP to LPA (1 Feb 2022)
CDA.38 Updated Surface Water Drainage Strategy Technical Note (Stantec) (Jan 2022)
CDA.39 Letter from WBP to LPA (16 March 2022)
CDA.40 Illustrative Site Layout (Masterplan) No. PRB/BIE/PA2R
CDA.41 Parameter Plan No. PRB/BIE/PA4D
CDA.42 Indicative Streetscenes Plan No. PRB/BIE/PA7B
CDA.43 Addendum Design Statement (Paul Brown Architect) (March 2022)
CDA.44 Landscape Technical Note (CSA Environmental) (March 2022)
CDA.45 Updated Heritage Statement (RPS Group) (March 2022)
CDA.46 Covering email from WBP to LPA (29 March 2022)
CDA.47 Transport Assessment Addendum (Bellamy Roberts Ref: ITR/5330/TAA.4)
CDA.48 Covering email from WBP to LPA (9 Sept 2022)
CDA.49 Transport Assessment Second Addendum (Sept 2022); and
CDA.50 Covering email from WBP to LPA (14 Sept 2022)
CDA.51 Parameter Land Use Plan No. PA4E
CDA.52 Illustrative Site Layout Plan No. PA2S
CDA.53 Landscape Strategy & SANG Design Plan No. CSA/2646/114M
CDA.54 Technical Note – Surface Water Drainage Strategy including Plan SK05 A (Stantec) (Jan 2023)
CDA.55 Site Access plan 5330/021 Rev K
CDA.56 Bus Stop Improvements and Speed Limit Extension Plan No. 5330/016 Rev K
CDA.57 Framfield Road Improvements (Sheet 1 of 2) Plan No. 5330/017 Rev H
CDA.58 Framfield Road Improvements (Sheet 1 of 2) Plan No. 5330/018 Rev J
CD Document
CDB.1 Housing Services Officer 8th October 2021
CDB.2 East Sussex Fire & Rescue 18th October 2021
CDB.3 Health & Wellbeing Officer 19th October 2021
CDB.4 Southern Water 22nd October 2021
CDB.5 Sussex Police 22nd October 2021
CDB.6 Framfield Parish Council 25th October 2021
CDB.7 Engineer and Countryside Officer (Footpaths) 21st October 2021
CDB.8 Engineer and Countryside Officer (Drainage) 21st October 2021
CDB.9 Environment Agency 26th October 2021
CDB.10 East Sussex county Council Archaeologist 28th October 2021
CDB.11 East Sussex County Council Lead Local Flood Authority 4th November 2021
CDB.12 Natural England 10th November 2021
CDB.13 Tree & Landscape Officer 12th November 2021
CDB.14 Heritage Officer 22nd November 2021
CDB.15 Engineer and Countryside Officer (Drainage) 26th November 2021
CDB.16 Biodiversity & Arboriculture Officer 30th November 2021
CDB.17 Tree & Landscape Officer 08th December 2021
CDB.18 East Sussex County Council Highways 08th December 2021
CDB.19 East Sussex County Council Lead Local Flood Authority 15th December 2021
CDB.20 Forestry Commission 21st December 2021
CDB.21 Forestry Commission 06th January 2022
CDB.22 East Sussex County Council Archaeologist 07th January 2022
CDB.23 Uckfield Town Council 04th November 2021
CDB.24 Engineer and Countryside Officer (Drainage) 01st March 2022
CDB.25 East Sussex County Council Lead Local Flood Authority 11th March 2022
CDB.26 Natural England 23rd March 2022
CDB.27 East Sussex County Council Highways 12th May 2022
CDB.28 Housing Development Officer 24th May 2022
CDB.29 Historic England 7th October 2022
CDB.30 East Sussex County Council Highways 4th November 2022
CDB.31 Woodland Trust 10th December 2021
CDB.32 LLFA Consultation Response 2nd August 2023
CD Document
Development Plan
CDE.1 Wealden District Core Strategy Local Plan (Adopted February 2013)
CDE.2 Saved Policies of the Wealden Local Plan (Adopted 1998)
CDE.3 Wealden District Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan (Adopted May 2016)
CDE.4 Wealden Design Guide (November 2008)
CDE.5 Wealden Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (February 2021)
CDE.6 Draft Outdoor Playing Space Supplementary Planning Guidance Document (February 2003)
Core Strategy Evidence Base
CDE.7 Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report (2007)
CDE.8 Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment Updated Scoping Report (2009)
CDE.9 Wealden Open Space Study (PPG17 Assessment) by Kit Campbell Associates
CDE.10 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
CDE.11 Screening of the Core Strategy under the Habitats Regulations 1994 as amended
CDE.12 Visitor Access Patterns on Ashdown Forest for Mid Sussex and Wealden District Councils (September 2019)
CDE.13 Appropriate Assessment and Air Quality local to the Pevensey Levels Ramsar Site (June 2009)
CDE.14 Natural England ‘Ashdown Forest Visitor Survey Data Analysis’
CDE.15 Habitats Assessment Regulations – The increase in traffic resulting from the Proposed Core Strategy on The Ashdown Forest and The Lewes Downs Special Areas of Conservation
Housing Supply
CDE.16 Five Year Housing Land Supply Statement (2022)
CDE.17 Five Year Housing Land Supply Statement (2021)
CDE.18 Wealden District Council – Housing Action Plan (2022)
Wealden District Monitoring Report(s)
CDE.19 Authority Monitoring Report 2021/22
CDE.20 Authority Monitoring Report 2020/21
CDE.21 Authority Monitoring Report 2019/20
CDE.22 Authority Monitoring Report 2018/19
CDE.23 Addendum to Authority Monitoring Report 2018/19 (January 2020)
CDE.24 Authority Monitoring Report 2017/18
CDE.25 Authority Monitoring Report 2016/17
CDE.26 Authority Monitoring Report 2015/16
CDE.27 Authority Monitoring Report 2014/15
CDE.28 Authority Monitoring Report 2013/14
Local Plan Examination
CDE.29 Submission Local Plan (January 2019)
CDE.30 Inspector’s Conclusions Stage 1 Local Plan – 20th December 2019
CDE.31 Wealden District Council Media Release – 6th January 2020
CDE.32 Wealden District Council to PINS – 14th January 2020
Emerging Local Plan
CDE.33 Wealden Local Plan – Direction of Travel Consultation Document (November 2020)
CDE.34 Wealden Local Plan – Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (November 2020
CDE.35 Wealden Local Plan Consultation and Engagement Strategy (November 2020)
CDE.36 Wealden Local Plan Direction of Travel Sub-Committee Report (March 2021)
Emerging Local Plan 2039 Evidence Base
CDE.37 Wealden Local Housing Needs Assessment (August 2021)
CDE.38 Wealden Housing Strategy 2020-2025 (Adopted June 2020)
CDE.39 Wealden Local Plan Transport Study 2018 Main Report (November 2018)
CDE.40 Wealden Local Plan Transport Study 2018 Draft Delivery Schedule for Highway Interventions (March 2019)
CDE.41 South Wealden and Eastbourne Transport Study (November 2010)
CDE.42 The North Wealden Level 1 SFRA (2022)
CDE.43 The Eastbourne and South Wealden Level 1 SFRA (2022)
CDE.44 CCA Peak Rainfall Update – External Briefing
CDE.45 Uckfield Surface Water Management Plan (April 2015)
CDE.46 Ashdown Forest Air Quality Monitoring and Modelling Part 1 (August 2018)
CDE.47 Ashdown Forest Air Quality Monitoring and Modelling Part 2 (August 2018)
CDE.48 Ashdown Forest Special Protection Area Strategic Access Management and Monitoring Strategy Tariff Guidance (October 2019)
CDE.49 Ashdown Forest SPA Mitigation Zone Background Paper (January 2019)
CDE.50 Ashdown Forest SANGS Survey (2021)
CDE.51 Ashdown Forest Visitor Survey (2021)
CDE.52 Ashdown Forest Visitor Survey (2016)
CDE.53 Footprint Ecology – Visitor Surveys at Potential SANGs Sites in Wealden (April 2015)
Additional SHELAA Documents
CDE.54 Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) (January 2019)
CDE.55 SHELAA Draft Methodology (2020)
CDE.56 Extract from On-Line Mapping showing Uckfield SHELAA sites
CD Document
CDJ.1 St Albans v Hunston Properties Ltd, R (On the Application Of) & Anor [2013] EWCA Civ 1610 (12 December 2013)
CDJ.2 Eastleigh BC v SSCLG [2019 EWHC 1862 Admin
CDJ.3 Wokingham BC v SSCLG [2019] EWHC 3158 (Admin)
CDJ.4 High Court Judgment of Phides Estates (Overseas) Limited vs the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government et al [2015] EWHC 827 (Admin) Clarifies the considerations to be taken into account when determining the weight afforded to a housing land supply shortfall (paragraph 60)
CDJ.5 Supreme Court Judgement of Suffolk Coastal District Council v Hopkins Homes Ltd and Richborough Estates Partnership LLP and another v Cheshire East Borough [2017] UKSC 37 Weight to be given to settlement boundary policies based on an out-of-date housing need (Paragraphs 45 and 63)
CDJ.6 Hallam Land Management Ltd v SSCLG [2018] EWCA Civ 1808 Considering the extent of the housing land supply shortfall – paras 50 to 52
CDJ.7 Oxton Farm v Harrogate BC [2020] EWCA Civ 805 Weight to be given to out of date policies is a matter of judgement – para 52
CDJ.8 Gallagher Homes Limited (2) Lioncourt Homes Limited v Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council [2014] EWHC 1283 (Admin) Sets out valuable guidance for all involved in the plan-making process on the objective assessment of housing need
CDJ.9 R (Village Concerns) v Wealden DC [2022] EWHC 2039 (Admin)
CDJ.10 Ashdown Forest Economic Development LLP v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government [2015] EWCA Civ 681
CDJ.11 Visao Ltd v The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government [2019] EWHC 276 (Admin)
CDJ.12 R. (on the application of Preston) v Cumbria County Council [2019] EWHC 1362 (Admin)
CDJ.13 Baroness Hale in R. (on application of Morge) v Hampshire County Council[2011]
CDJ.14 Lord Justice Beatson in R. (on the application of Mott) v Environment Agency [2016] 1 W.L.R. 4338
CDJ.15 R. v Newbury District ex parte Chieveley Parish Councils [1999] P.L.C.R. 51
CDJ.16 Wathen-Fayed v Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities [2023] EWHC 92 (Admin)
CDJ.17 R. (on the APPLICATION OF Prideaux) v Buckinghamshire County Council [2013] Env.L.R. 32
CDK.1SoS Appeal Decision 2009
CDK.2Land at Old Orchard House, Horebeech Lane, Horam (APP/C1435/W/22/3297371) (4 Aug 2022)
CDK.3Land West of Station Road, Hailsham (Sept 2022) 
CDK.4Morning Mill Farm, Eastbourne Road, Lower Willingdon (Sept 2022)
CDK.5Old Nursery House, The Street, Framfield (Jan 2023)
CDK.6Coldthorn Barn, Coldthorn Lane, Hailsham BN27 3PJ (March 2023)
CDK.7Land North of Jubilee Drive and Highgrove Crescent, Polegate (APP/C1435/W/22/3310445) (27 June 2023)
CDK.8Costs Decision, Land North of Jubilee Drive and Highgrove Crescent, Polegate (APP/C1435/W/22/3310445) (27 June 2023)
CDK.9Land at Moorthorpe Way, Shefield (APP/J4423/W/20/3258555) (2 March 2021)
CDK.10Land at Warish Hall Farm, Smiths Green, Takeley (APP/C1570/W/22/3291524) (9 Aug 2022)
CDK.11Appeal by Heron Land Developments, Persimmon Homes and Gallagher Estates Land at Bird IN Eye South , Framfield Road, Uckfield TN22 5HA (App/C1435/A/07/2053422)
CDK.12Land Off Watery Lane, Curborough, Lichfield (APP/K3415/A/14/2224354)
CDK.13Land North of Dark Lane, Alrewas (APP/K3415/A/14/2225799)
CDK.14Land at Deerlands Road, Wingerworth (APP/R1038/W/17/3192255)
CDK.15Land off Satchel Lane, Hamble-le-Rice (APP/W1715/W/22/3292580)
CDK.16Rectory Farm (APP/D0121/W/21/3286677)
CDK.17Mornings Mill Farm, Eastbourne Road, Willingdon (APP/C1435/W/19/3230484)
CDK.18East of Gleaming Wood Drive, Lordswood, Kent (APP/U2235/W/20/3270846)
CDK.19Land east of North Wallington Road, Wallington, Fareham (APP/A1720/W/22/3297544)
CDK.20Hawthorn Cottage, Harvey Road, Congleton Appeal Ref APP/R0660/W/21/3275804
CDK.21Hop Garden Nursery, Eastbourne Road Halland under APP/C/1435/W/19/3226973
CDK.22The Forge, Eastbourne Road, Halland APP/C/1435/W/19/3229579
CDK.23Bramblebank, Lewes Road, Halland APP/C1435/W/21/3275234
CDK.24Land adjacent Old Orchard, House, Horebeech Lane, Horam APP/C/1435/W/19/3235754 (7 Aug 2020)
CDK.25Loxwood Road, Alfold (APP/R3650/W/21/3278196)
CDK.26Land east of Waites Lane at Wakeham’s Farm, Pett Level Road , Fairlight Cove, East Sussex APP/U1430/W/21/3283287 (19 July 2022)