Making An Application

How do I make a planning application?

There are two ways to submit an application:

Apply Online

This can be done via the Planning Portal 

Complete and submit an application to the Council Offices

You will need appropriate application forms and drawings/plans which you may need or benefit from professional help and advice. To understand the process that an application goes through view our document, ‘The Life of A Planning Application ‘.

All types of application forms are available to download. Unless you are familiar with the planning system, you are advised to employ the services of an agent, who will complete the relevant forms for you and draw up the necessary plans.

Please note: You may also require Listed Building Consent and/or Building Regulations approval.

For all applications two copies of all forms and plans are required to assist with the statutory consultations that need to be done. The following plans are required:

  • a location plan (at 1:2500 scale) *
  • a block plan (usually 1:500 scale)*
  • floor plans and elevations

* The Council is unable to provide Ordnance Survey mapping but has produced an information sheet  giving details of Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Centres. Alternatively, site plans and block plans can be obtained via the Buy a plan webpage on the Planning Portal.

Many applications submitted are unfortunately ‘incomplete’ for one reason or another. You are advised to have particular regard to the following checklist prior to submitting an application:

  • have you included two copies of all plans?
  • have you paid the correct fee?  – Please note: After 31 March 2019, the Council no longer accepts cheque payments, so the fee will need to be paid by debit/credit card transaction or by BACS. Further details regarding how to pay are available on the payments page.
  • have you signed both the application and land ownership forms?
  • have you shown the application site and means of access to the highway by means of a red line on the plans?
  • have you shown any other land you may own by means of a blue line on the plans?
  • Have you submitted a CIL application Form?

Overview of the Planning System in England

The department for Communities and Local Government has produced a Plain English Guide to the Planning System (external link) (January 2015) which explains how the planning system in England works.

Other helpful guidance for submitting a planning application

Further information which will assist in the development of any proposed scheme.

If you have any questions about submitting your application, contact our Technical Team on 01892 602010.

Planning Aid

Planning Aid provides free, independent and professional help, advice and support on planning issues to people and communities who cannot afford to hire a planning consultant. Planning Aid complements the work of local authorities but is wholly independent of them.